Is Rita Ora Black Or White? What's Rita Ora's Ethnicity?

As the contestants in The Voice keep on turning chairs, the new judge is currently turning heads.

The resume of the pop star had a newly added point when she joined the lineup of The Voice Australia mentors. Recently, the pop star made it to the news again due to her ethnicity. 

Is Rita Ora Black? Is Rita Ora White? What's Rita Ora's Ethnicity?
Rita Ora by Fitore Gashi licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Many people have been asking where is the new The Voice mentor came from. You might as well ask the same questions. Is Rita Ora black or white? What’s Rita Ora’s ethnicity? 

You might also be aware that the singer was called out for blackfishing. Today, let us talk about the ethnicity of the artist to confirm whether or not the blackfishing claims against her are true or simply a baseless throwing of hate against her. 

Is Rita Ora Black Or White?

The international pop star is not black. But she is blackfaced. She also uses cultural appropriation by using box braids.

People of the black community value Cornrows and box braids because they have meaning, unlike braids used as a style only. 

The Blackfishing Issue

People accuse her of intently making herself appear black. The singer was not naturally born with afro hair, but she had worn a wig before wearing an afro wig and posed for her

photo on Instagram. This is something that is not okay for other people. 

The Blackfishing Issue details.
Rita Ora by Firdaus Latif licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Although the singer claims that she like black hair, it does not stop people from calling her a blackfish. When we say blackfishing, it is a non-black individual benefiting directly from the black culture. However, those individuals do not face any negative realities that black people meet. 

What’s Rita Ora’s Ethnicity?

As mentioned earlier, the pop star is not black. She has the same ethnicity as Dua Lipa. Both of them are Albanian. The singer was born in Yugoslavia. But they migrated to England when she was only one year old. 

Despite the fact that she does not grow up in Kosovo, the renowned singer is fluent in speaking Albanian. This is because her parents talk to Kosovar and Albanian languages. 

The Trouble Over Heritage

We discussed earlier that the singer has been accused of blackfishing. It means that she changed her appearance via tanning or bronzer to appear mixed or black race. Cultural appropriation was another reason since she wore the hairstyles of black people. 

What's Rita Ora's Ethnicity? Is she black or white?
Rita Ora by marcen27 licensed under CC BY 2.0

But despite the fact that she has been accused of this, it is clear that the singer has not tried to appear black.

She loves the black community, and it has affected the way she looks, but since the beginning, the pop star has told the public that she is Albanian. The singer has never lied about being black.

No proof is there that the singer has ever claimed of being black. Her fans have also defended her. She speaks about her Albanian heritage multiple times, so they know from the start that their idol is not black. 

It’s A Wrap!

Is Rita Ora black or white? Let us make it clear, the international pop star is not black or white. She is Albanian with both of her parents from Kosovo. Meaning to say, they are Albanians. 

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