Is RM From BTS Married? Let’s Know About His Marital Status

It may seem farfetched for many, but dating a BTS member is the dream of many fans around the world. In all fairness to them, though, it’s not entirely impossible.

Is RM From BTS Married? Who's RM married to?
RM by Dispatch licensed under CC BY 3.0

There have been several cases in the entertainment industry where celebrities end up getting in a relationship with their fans. Some even get married! 

So, if BTS’ leader RM is your bias and you’re wondering whether or not he’s still in the market, keep reading!

Is BTS RM Getting Married?

Since Namjoon started his career with BTS, he has been riddled with dating rumors linking him to several women. However, speculations about RM tying the knot with someone have recently gained traction.

Here are some pieces of “evidence” that fans claim to be proof that RM is not only engaged (or already married) but that he’s already a father:

  • RM has been caught wearing a ring on his ring finger during interviews
  • BTS’ hiatus could be a sign that RM is preparing to settle down and start his own family
  • RM may be secretly dating someone and they have a pet poodle together
  • RM bought baby shoes
  • He posted birthday pictures with a kid on the third photograph
  • He claims to want to get married at the age of 32 or 33, and RM is already 27 years old

To add fuel to the fire, an anonymous user who calls themselves “A” claims to have exclusive information about RM’s alleged wedding ceremony. The person writes:

I received a call from a junior colleague who is seven years younger than me saying, ‘I’m marrying RM.’ She’s from a prestigious university and a decent family. I heard that she met RM at a fan meeting between 2014 and 2015. I can’t tell you the exact date, but he’s a celebrity. It’s still a sensitive time, so just keep it to yourself. [The groom-to-be] is the leader of BTS.”

Is BTS RM Getting Married? Did he married before?
RM by TV10/TenAsia licensed under CC BY 3.0

Sure, KPOP idols have pulled this off before, but are there any truths to these claims? To put an end to all the speculations regarding RM’s love life, BigHit Entertainment released this statement:

RM’s marriage rumors are groundless. We are continuously taking action against malicious rumors that started on YouTube.”

If we take their words as truth, that means RM has not yet exchanged vows with anyone. Besides, he already said that he’s not interested in dating anyone and that he already considers the BTS Army as his “girlfriends.” That’s what matters most!

Is BTS RM Dating Anyone Right Now?

Is BTS RM Dating Anyone Right Now? Who's his present dating partner?
RM by Mischief Managed BTS licensed under
CC BY 4.0

Earlier, we learned that RM is most likely not yet married. However, he could still be in a relationship with someone. So, is he dating anyone right now?

Unfortunately, that’s a question only RM can answer. He may have a secret girlfriend we don’t know of, but that’s ultimately up to him if he wants to share that with the world. The least we could do is to respect him and stay out of his private life. 

So, what else would you like to know about RM or the other BTS members? Comment your answers below!

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