Is Robert Downey Jr Jewish? Which Religion Does He Follow?

Some people do not only know Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. But is also known as an alcohol and drug addict by others. His addiction issues were known to the public. It is good that after several rehabs, the actor became a changed man. 

Is Robert Downey Jr Jewish? which religion does he follow?
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And when something like this happens, it is usually due to the assistance of God. People wonder whether this is what happens to the actor. He often faced questions about his religion after the success of his rehab. 

But which religion does he follow? Is Robert Downey Jr. Jewish? The answer to this can be very complex. Find out below.

Is Robert Downey Jr A Jewish? 

In an interview, people were confused with the actor’s answers regarding his beliefs. According to the actor, he is a Jew-Bu, which means he follows Jewish and Buddhist beliefs. 

But in his previous interviews, the actor also said that he had been following Catholicism when he was in prison. He consulted astrologers before.

The Iron Man star said he finds Christianity in general interesting. But it is also known by many that the actor performed Buddhist meditation as it helped him recover. 

Which Religion Does Robert Downey Jr. Follow?

After the reading above, we know that it can be confusing. We are as confused as you are. Some sources claimed that the actor might also be confused about what he believed in. 

Which Religion Does Robert Downey Jr. Follow? Is he Jewish?
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Consequently, he might also be content with the ambiguity of his statements to the public. The actor belongs to a household with two religions. Both Catholicism and Judaism influenced his childhood. We also know that he is a Catholic back in prison. 

Based on his answers in different interviews, he is not particular about his religion. The actor said that he had managed to dodge a religious experience. So he cannot tell where he really belongs. Or he simply does not know. 

Is Robert Downey Jr. Religious?

For many people, God played an integral part in their recovery. So the actor was asked in 2004 whether or not he is religious.

But of course, people were not expecting the actor to answer it very seriously since he was known for answering interestingly – even self-mocking most of the time. 

Is Robert Downey Jr. Religious? What's his religious belief?
Robert Downey Jr By Alyssa Patton Licensed Under CC BY-SA 2.0

He said Catholicism has saved him, but he does not clarify how. The actor did not discuss how he ended up attending Catholic services while imprisoned.

It’s A Wrap!

Is Robert Downey Jr. Jewish? The Iron Man star grew up in a household of Jewish and Catholics. The Jewish beliefs might have remained in him until now.

But he is seemingly open to other religions as well. He practiced Catholicism in prison while also practicing Buddhist meditation. Know this too: Is Adam Sandler Jewish? What is his Religion?

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