Is Rosé from BLACKPINK Left Handed? 

There is one similar thing in all BLACKPINK members: all can sing perfectly. But there are differences in their lifestyle, fashion sense, and more. Rosé does something that makes her the most unique. 

Is Rosé from BLACKPINK Left Handed? Let's see.
Rosé by PlayIN licensed under CC BY 3.0

Rosé from BLACKPINK is left-handed. It’s hard for people to do things with their left hands, but Rosé does most things with her left hand. She admitted herself as a lefty. 

So when does she prefer to use her left hand, and does she ever use her right hand for any purpose? Continue reading till the end to find out. 

Rosé from BLACKPINK is Left Handed 

Are you right-handed or left? Whatever it is, there’s a surprising fact about Rosé that she is a lefty. The singer uses her left hand the most. She writes with her left hand and even eats and drinks using it. However, there’s an exception. Rosé can’t play guitar with her left hand but right. 

Once she was writing the menu on a restaurant card with her left hand, and someone asked, “Rosé‘s handwriting is completely left-handed?” And the Queen answered, “Yes.”  [Source:]

There is another footage on the internet where Lisa’s stuff was put to the left side of the “Ice Cream” singer, and she immediately shifted those to her side so that Rosé doesn’t have to face problems moving her left hand freely and mix up her stuff with Lisa’s. [Source]

Is Being Lefty a Bad Thing for Rosé? 

There is no harmful impact on a person’s life, whether right-handed or left. In the past, people used to say left-handed people are likely to cause car accidents because they can’t drive well. 

Is Being Lefty a Bad Thing for Rosé? 
Rosé by Idol Hunter licensed under CC BY 4.0

But later, it was proven that both left-handed and right-handed could drive just fine. Scientists have proven there is no difference between a lefty and a righty. So, Rosé will not face issues for being left-handed. 

Final Words

Each day more people are getting to know about Rosé and observing her. There are many unique things people notice about her.

The particular part is that Rosé uses her left hand for doing stuff, even for writing, but only uses her right hand to play guitar.

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