Is Ryan Seacrest Gay? What’s His Sexual Orientation?

Any handsome man is constantly conscious about how they look. Ryan Seacrest is also like this. He is careful with what he wears and how he looks.

This isn’t a trait of women but also of men. However, this attribute of his has made some people misunderstand his sexuality. 

What Ryan Seacrest said about his sexual orientation?
Ryan Seacrest by hairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff licensed under CC BY 2.0

Today we will look at what Ryan Seacrest said that made us under his actual sexual orientation. We will also glance at his past and present love life to understand his sexual interests completely. So let’s jump right onto the business. 

Ryan Seacrest Hasn’t Declared Himself As Gay 

Although some people think Ryan is gay and is still hiding in the closet, American Idol hosts haven’t confirmed the speculations. People are now becoming more open-minded about homosexuality. Gay people are coming out of the closet without hesitation, especially celebrities. 

American stars like Ryland Adams, Kimball Allen, Clay Aiken, and Nick Adams have labeled their sexual orientation homosexual. So there’s no reason for Ryan Seacrest not to come out if he actually is not straight. Hence, without Seacrest’s confirmation, let’s not think him gay. 

Even Britney Spears Realized Ryan Seacrest is Not Gay

In 2013 Britney Spears,, and Ryan Seacrest were invited to the iHeartRadio Album Preview show. They had a long conversation there, and at that moment, Seacrest said something that made Britney Spears astonished and made her realize how straight Ryan Seacrest is. 

Ryan Seacrest said, “I spray girls’ aroma on my pillow so that it makes me think that they are there.” replied, “But do you like, girl leaves the house and you like sshhh sshhh (spraying sounds) come here, baby.” Seacrest answered, “Oh no, no, I don’t do that. I just spray when no one is there, but it seems someone is there.” 

This shows how much Ryan likes to have and feel women with him. This is something that a gay guy will never do. Besides, the producer wears manly outfits and doesn’t do makeup like other gay men. So it’s easy to assume Ryan Seacrest is straight. 

Ryan Seacrest Has Only Dated Women

Another simple way to understand his sexuality is by learning who he has dated. Is there any man in his past that he was romantically involved with? 

We checked his past relationships, and we found no man he had ever dated. Ryan is unmarried and has no child, but it doesn’t make him homosexual. Many straight stars are unmarried like him, don’t have a child but date women. Keanu Reeves is one such celebrity. 

Seacrest hasn’t shared why he has no plan to get married, but when he dates, he makes sure not to hide it. Previously he openly dated high-profile females, including Shana Wall, Teri Hatcher, Jasmine Waltz, Julianne Hough, Hilary Cruz, and Shayna Taylor. Currently, he is having an open affair with Aubrey Paige. 

Ryan Seacrest Has Only Dated Women not men.
Ryan Seacrest by Jyle Dupuis licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

She is a model and owns 64.9k followers on Instagram. She shares her luxurious life-related pictures and also romantic pictures with Ryan Seacrest.

Her last post with Seacrest was posted on 16th September 2022. It was a video where she added a picture of her and the American Idol host. 

Final Words

Ryan Seacrest is an excellent host. He became a famous person with his hosting of American Idol. Seacrest is an interesting person; his openness is the most exciting thing about him. 

The producer doesn’t hide things from his followers, including his love life. However, he hasn’t labeled his sexuality. Still, Ryan hinted at himself as straight by saying certain things in interviews and showing up with his girlfriend on the red carpet. 

It’s now clear Ryan Seacrest is not gay. He is into women and is crazily in love with his current female partner Aubrey Paige.

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