Is Sam Elliott Gay? What is his Sexuality?

The veteran American actor and voice artist Sam Elliot has always been in the news for his contribution to the film industry. For this, he has received numerous awards and has been nominated for other prestigious awards.

The tall, thin, droopy-eyed actor is a perfect example of an American cowboy character. Moreover, his iconic deep voice made him one of the most lovable voice artists.

Why do people think Sam Elliott is gay?
Sam Elliott by PunkToad licensed under CC BY 2.0

Many of the fans of this iconic veteran actor are curious about his sexuality. Like many celebrities, Sam is also the victim of gay rumors.

Is Sam Elliot gay? If not, then what is his sexuality? Let us learn about it below.

Is Sam Elliot in a Gay Relationship?

No, veteran actress Sam Elliot is not in a gay relationship. In fact, he is in a long-term marriage with his veteran actress wife, Katharine Ross.

He and Katharine have been married since 1984 and have a daughter together named Cleo Rose Elliot, who is a popular singer, model, and songwriter.

Where marriages among Hollywood couples are not long-lasting, Sam was not rumored of having a relationship with a third person in almost four decades of marriage.

Moreover, they are holding strong in their marriage. Before dating Katharine, Sam was dating Barbara Streisand in the mid-‘70s. Barbara is a renowned filmmaker, singer, and actress who was awarded the most prestigious awards like Grammy, Emy, Oscar, and Tony.

After Sam’s split with Barbara, he started dating his present wife in 1978, and they have been together since.

The 78-year-old voice and screen artist has been loyal to his wife with no rumors of dating anyone else. Therefore, all the evidence claims that Sam Elliot is a straight man. 

Who is Katharine Ross?

Katharine Juliet Ross is the wife of popular veteran actor and voice artist Sam Elliot. You will be shocked to hear that Sam Elliot is her fifth husband!

Before that, she was shortly married to five different men, all related to the film industry. Apart from that, she is also an American stage, TV, and film actress by profession.

On the 29th of January, 1940, she was born in Los Angeles, California, USA. Although she was born there, Katharine grew up in San Francisco.

She started her acting career in theatre when she was a teenager. Her father was in the navy, and her mother was a housewife with no link to the Hollywood film industry.

The 81-year-old is a mother to a 37-year-old singer and model daughter, Cleo Rose Elliot. Katharine won a few accolades in her acting career, like reputed Golden Globe Awards, British Academy Film Awards, Laurel Awards, and Saturn awards.      

Final Thoughts

So, this was all about Sam Elliot’s sexual orientation. Although the actor himself hasn’t confirmed anything about his sexual orientation, actions speak louder than words!

He is in love with his wife and is spending a happy married life with her.

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