Is Scarlett Johansson a Smoker? Truth Revealed

Award-winning American actress Scarlett Johansson is an impressive songwriter, singer, actress, and creator. At age 9, she started working as an actor.

Johansson’s breakout performance was in the 2003 film Lost In Translation, for which she received a Golden Globe nomination for best actress.

Is Scarlett Johansson a Smoker or she quit this habit?
Scarlett Johansson by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Here is the most intriguing question: is Scarlett Johnsson a smoker? And almost every fan of hers wants to know the truth, and it’s time to reveal it. So, if you also wish to know whether she is a smoker or not, keep on reading this article.

Stop assuming. As you dive into this article, you’ll discover facts about the star’s life, so if you are ready, let’s begin!

Is Scarlett Johansson Smoker?

The legendary celebrity has a long-acting career and has portrayed many different characters. Some smoke, like Charlotte from Lost In Translation (2003) and Nola Rice from Match Point (2005). 

She has the same behavior in real life as in these personas. Is she a smoker? Surprisingly, she started smoking when she was 15 and has acknowledged that she hasn’t been able to quit.

Is Scarlett Johansson Smoker? See the truth.
Scarlett Johansson by JCS licensed under CC BY 3.0

According to an actress friend, the famous songbird and her prep-school partner Jack Ansoff were called the “Cheech and Chong of the Professional Children’s School” in 2014. 

Cheech Martin and Tommy Chong were a legendary comedy team known for their marijuana-themed humor. Ansoff played lead guitar for the group Fun worldwide, and she became a well-recognized actress worldwide. 

Truth Revealed

The stunning star always wanted she had been able to protect her children from her smoking history.

The Black Widow actress, who recently had Cosmo, her second child, with current husband Colin Jost, said that On the Drew Barrymore Show and opened up about why she feels “so guilty” to tell her 7-year-old daughter Rose Dorothy that she formerly smoked. Rose Dorothy is the daughter of the actress’ ex-husband Romain Dauriac.

She revealed that “my daughter has already asked me this. I smoked when I was younger, and I’m embarrassed by it now,” the 37-year-old admitted. 

Furthermore, she said my daughter  can never, ever, ever smoke, so I don’t want her to believe I ever thought smoking was cool.”

The unknown facts revealed about  Scarlett Johansson smoking habit.
Scarlett Johansson by GabboT licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Johansson jokingly stated that she only hopes her daughter “never figures it out” because she fears that urging her daughter not to smoke may be the same thing that motivates her to do so. 

The famous actress had previously struggled to stop smoking, but she could have changed after finding out she was expecting her second child.

It’s A Wrap!

Finally, we have answered you is Scarlett Johnsson, a smoker? We have revealed the truth about her smoking habit. But she quit this habit after knowing about her second pregnancy. And she always wants to hide this truth from her children. 

Thanks, my dear friends, for reading this article. Please contact us anytime for further information about this talented singer. Read this too: Does Cole Sprouse Smoke? Why He Shared a Photo With a Cigarette! Have a great day!

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