Is Sehun from EXO Gay? Which Tweet Fueled His Gay Rumors? 

Before Sehun suddenly spoke up about his sexuality in a Live session, there had been gay rumors about him for years. The singer kept silent until he was asked if he were gay. 

Sehun then answered about his sexual label while he was on Live. Fans who joined that Live finally came to know whether Sehun from EXO is gay. 

Is Sehun from EXO Gay or straight? Let's see.
Sehun by L’OFFICIEL KOREA licensed under CC BY 3.0

Sehun disclosed himself as “Not gay” in an Instagram Live session on 19th February 2021. The singer didn’t mention whether he is straight, but the way he laughed at the “Are you gay?” The question hints that Sehun from EXO is straight. 

So why was Sehun considered gay? Was there a Twitter post that fueled his gay rumors? Here’s everything you need to know. 

Someone Posted on Twitter Saying, “Sehun said He Likes Men,” and it Fueled Gay Rumors

There are enemies everywhere for Kpop singers. Sehun also has several people who hate him. Such haters are always up to ruin Sehun’s reputation. A Twitter user posted a photo of Sehun and some other EXO band members and mentioned some speeches from their interviews that sounded a little gay.

The “Love Shot” singer once spoke about how good he felt seeing many male fans join one of their shows. The youngest EXO member was a little awkward when expressing his happiness to see a lot of male supporters, and finally, he said, “I like men.” [Source: YouTube]

But that Twitter user did the trick; he only focused on what he said in the end. The “Call Me Baby” singer also questioned the crowd, “Is it okay like men?” And the crowd screamed with a positive vibe. Sadly, that negative Tweet misled many. 

What Did Sehun Say About His Sexuality? 

SM Entertainment likes to keep quiet regarding its singer’s sexuality. So they didn’t reveal the sexual label of Sehun. The “Love Me Right” also stayed tight-lipped. Finally, he did something in an Instagram Live session that removed confusion about his gender orientation. 

On 19th February, Sehun suddenly came Live on Instagram and told the followers he ended up watching a sad movie and couldn’t fall asleep. So he thought he should have a live chat with his followers till he got sleepy. In that Live, he was drowned in questions. 

He noticed a question in English written, “Are you gay?” He laughed a bit and said, “I read a comment that’s funny. I wonder why you think I’m gay?” Then he read that question loud, “Are you gay?” and immediately responded, “No, I’m not.” 

What Did Sehun Say About His Sexuality? Let's know the truth.
Sehun by centenary9294 licensed under CC BY 4.0

Sehun’s followers recorded that life and shared it on Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms. A Twitter user was so happy that he shared that particular part of the recording and posted it on Twitter with the caption, “Ok, it’s done now sehun said he is not gay; his sexuality was nobody else’s business anyway.” 

Since the “Monster” singer disclosed himself as “Not gay,” we are bound to believe Sehun’s sexuality is straight. 

Final Words

Sehun from EXO has millions of female fans who take him as their dream boy. So there are always curious females and males who want to know the true sexuality of Sehun from EXO. There should no longer be confusion regarding his sexuality as he admitted himself as straight.

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