Is Shania Twain Canadian? What's Her Ethnicity?

We see Shania Twain making it to the headlines anywhere in the world. But there has been a recent story about her published by a paper in her hometown.

The singer has been given unwelcome attention by the press. According to the report, the country singer does not tell the truth regarding her background.

What's Shania Twain Ethnicity? Is she Canadian?
Shania Twain by Andre Engels licensed under CC BY 2.0

In that paper, the origin of her biological father was found. It is claimed that her father, Jerry Twain, is not her biological father. He is the second husband of her mother, making him the stepfather of the singer.

This has made many people question: Is Shania Twain Canadian? What’s her ethnicity? Let us find out more about the truthfulness of the story by looking at the ancestry race of the singer.

The Truth About Shania Twain Ethnicity

Since the singer has been legally adopted by her stepfather, it makes her eligible to hold the Indian status. She has an Indian status card. Besides, she is on the official list of the Temagami First Nation band members.

The notorious country singer has not hidden the fact that her biological dad belongs to the ancestry of First Nations or Native Canadians. However, this was not documented or verified. Some of the family members of her father have denied her claims.

A close look at                                                                                    Shania Twain Ethnicity.
Shania Twain by Jerry Daykin from Cambridge, United Kingdom licensed under CC BY 2.0

The singer has even claimed once that she has Swedish ancestry on her grandmother’s line. But it is not accurate. The paternal grandfather of the singer was born in Ontario, Canada, and he had Irish roots. Both of his parents were Irish.

Correspondingly, the paternal grandmother of the singer has French-Canadian and Irish ancestry. Tracing back, they come from several roots, including Swiss, German, Wyandot, and Algonquin First Nation.

Her grandfather, George Bertram Morrison, was born in Ontario, Canada, on her mother’s side. His father is from Ireland, while his mother is of Canadian and French descent.

She also has Portuguese roots. The maternal grandmother of the singer, on the other hand, was Eileen Pearce. She was born in Ireland. Her mother was from Norfolk, England.  

Is Shania Twain Canadian?

The international music artist is the daughter of Sharon Morrison and Clarence Edwards and not of Jerry Twain, her mother’s current husband, who adopted the country singer.

Is Shania Twain Canadian? What's her Ethnicity?
Shania Twain by David Swales licensed under CC BY 3.0

This means that she is primarily Irish. But yes, she has Canadian roots. Although it was her stepfather who raised the singer in Ojibway.

Does Shania Twain Have Aboriginal Ancestry?

After we have researched the singer’s ethnicity, it remains unclear whether or not her bloodline includes Aboriginal ancestry.

The singer once claimed that her mother told her about her biological father being a part of the Aboriginal ancestry. However, the claim was disputed by the family of her father.

It’s A Wrap!

Is Shania Twain Canadian? Why does it matter too much whether or not the singer is a part of this or that ancestry? Although yes, it is essential to know one’s roots.

But the singer only stated what she knew about it based on what her mother had told her. She should not be receiving hate about this, especially from the people in her hometown. 

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