Is Sheryl Crow a Christian? Which Religion Does She Follow?

It cannot be denied that country music is deeply rooted in the Christian faith – they complement each other like a hot cup of coffee on a chilly morning.

That is why people can’t help but assume that Sheryl Crow, a Grammy-award winning country singer, is a Christian follower.

Is Sheryl Crow a Christian? what's her religious belief?
Sheryl Crow by Zach Catanzareti Photo licensed under CC BY 2.0

There are many evidences that seem to prove this claim: after all, Sheryl does have a private chapel in her own home. 

But at the end of the day, what makes someone Christian is their faith. It’s not something that can be measured by looking at the superficial things that a person owns that is connected to the religion. So, is Sheryl Crow a Christian woman? Let’s find out.

Sheryl Crow’s Religious Upbringing

The If It Makes You Happy songstress was exposed to a very religious way of living from an early age. According to her, she was surrounded by “churchgoing, hardworking people.” Her parents, Bernice and Wendell Crow, raised Sheryl under the principles and tenets of the Protestant belief. 

Although there is dearth in terms of details regarding Sheryl’s life as a young Presbytarian follower, she has recently revealed that she no longer associates herself with the religion. 

Sheryl Crow is Currently Meta-Religious

Unlike most people who subscribe to a single religious belief, Sheryl Crow has a hybrid religious belief comprising of Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity. 

I believe in God. I believe in Jesus and Buddha and Mohammed and all those that were enlightened. I wouldn’t say necessarily that I’m a strict Christian. I’m not sure I believe in heaven.”

Sheryl Crow is Currently Meta-Religious. Is it true?
Sheryl Crow by Cliff licensed under CC BY 2.0

But for the sake of simplicity, Sheryl associates herself with the Christian faith more than anything. However, it’s more of a spiritual connection than a religious one.

She’s a fan of meditation, which is mainly the reason why she built a chapel in her own home – not to worship any deity, but to have a place where she can have a peace of mind and strengthen her spiritual well-being.

When I bought this property, I thought it would be nice to have a space that has nothing to do with work – just a quiet and sacred place to gather.”

Does Sheryl Crow Hate Christians?

Sheryl has no problem vocalizing her opinions about the Christian community – and most of the time, those sentiments are not positive. In fact, she has even stated some things that may upset Christians around the world.

Does Sheryl Crow Hate Christians? Let's find the truth.
Sheryl Crow by Truejustice licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

On one occassion, she even called out evangelical Christians who use their religious beliefs as an excuse to bully other people:

I’m expressing my opinion in a peaceful manner without calling anyone names or attacking anyone while hiding behind the name of Jesus or Christianity.”

But that’s nothing in comparison to the heavy-hitting criticisms she has been directing towards Christianity through her songs.

In her song Letter To God, Sheryl criticizes radical believers who condemn those who do not believe in the same thing as them. She then asks: “And what if everyone was wrong?”

While Sheryl may disagree with some things related to Christianity, that does not mean that she hates Christians. You can criticize something without it coming from a place of bitterness. It’s a thing!

We’d love to hear what your thoughts are towards Sheryl Crow’s peculiar religious belief! Feel free to leave a comment below.

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