Is Spongebob Gay? What's Spongebob's Sexual Orientation?

Spongebob is an American animated comedian. Marine Science educator & animator Stephen Hillenburg produced animated comedy television series for Nickelodeon.

As it is the fifth-longest-running American animated series, SpongeBob has gained much popularity through it.

Is Spongebob Gay? What's Spongebob's Sexual Orientation?
Spongebob by Tomas Castelazo licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Well, people often ask on the internet if Spongebob is gay or not. There are some interesting facts behind this question. Moreover, this comedian has produced over $13 billion in merchandising revenue.

Here, in this article, I will clarify Spongebob’s sexual orientation. If you are interested, stick with this article.

Is Spongebob Gay?: What’s His Sexual Orientation?

The answer is quite confusing—Spongebob, whose full name is SpongeBob SquarePants. Nickelodeon said that SpongeBob is an LGBTQ + ally. But it does not clarify that this guy is gay. 

Nickelodeon posted on Twitter during the celebration of Pride Month with characters. Nickelodeon wrote characters that are allies and part of the LGBTQ+ community, among those SpongeBob SquarePants, which accepted the conversation over the character’s sexual orientation.

So, the answer had become confusing. Later, the Series’ creator Stephen Hillenburg talked about it. Stephen created a show which started in 1999.

The show didn’t express SpongeBob’s sexual orientation. But in 2005, while giving an interview, he said that SpongeBob has no sexual feelings, or you can call him asexual.

 Nickelodeon gave a hint of SpongeBob being gay.

Netizens appreciated the touch. This comedian’s fans & followers became surprised hearing this news.

They never noticed it before. People started to comment on the Twitter post, so Nickelodeon stopped the replying system for the post. Here are some comments of Spongebob’s Twitter post,



                  -brittany (@brittany-broski) June 14, 2020.”

            “Everybody shocked SpongeBob gay like he ain’t leave Patrick

                -jamez (@JamezDead) June 14, 2020.”

          “Did they confirm Spongebob as gay and then turn off the 

                 Replies. If so, I love this for him

              -no more discourse in my Spongebob post, please (@ickygoosundae) June 13, 2020.”

            “Spongebob coming out of the closet

              -gabby (@CALEB SMITH) June 14, 2020.”

            “SPONGEBOB GAY #spongebobgay

               -Mario Sadra-de Jong (@Mario-SDJ) June 14,2020.”

Does SpongeBob Have Any Relationship With Sandy?: Just Friend! 

SpongeBob & Sandy are just good friends. There is no sexual relationship between them even though people see Sandy as SpongeBob’s girlfriend.

Sandy’s full name is Sandra Jennifer. This lady plays the role of a fictional character in the Nickelodeon franchise SpongeBob SquarePants.

Sandy wears a driving suit & lives underwater as she is an anthropomorphic squirrel. On May 1, 1999, Sandy made her first appearance in “Tea at the Treedome.”

However, Stephen clarified the topic saying that SpongeBob has no romance or love interest with Sandy.

On the other hand, writer David Lewman wrote a book about SpongeBob’s crush which indicates Sandy.

But this is a rumor as David was uninformed of Hillenburg’s anti-romance theory. 

Wrap Up

Though the topic is controversial, we have tried our best to inform you of the latest news. But, all these statements indicate SpongeBob’s gay sexuality.

Please keep visiting our website to get updated information about SpongeBob’s sexual orientation.

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