Is Terrence Howard Related To Diana Ross?

Terrence Howard once introduced the son of Dianna Ross, Evan Ross as his nephew on Celebrity Family Feud. This makes people wonder about the relationship between the two celebrities. 

A lot have been asking: is Terrence Howard related to Diana Ross? We cannot blame them for having such kind of thought since the two have particular things in common.

Is Terrence Howard Related To Diana Ross? How they related?
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But do you think they are blood-related? We’ll find out below. But before that, let us know the two personalities better first. 

Terrence Howard

The real name of this personality is Terrence Dashon Howard. He is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor. His fame started with the cinema and television roles in 2004. He is from Chicago. 

Diana Ross

This personality is also an American actress, singer, and songwriter. She is from Michigan. Her fame started when she was only a teenager when she became the lead singer of the vocal girl group named Supremes.

Let's know about Diana Ross.
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That group is the most popular group of her time. The multitalented personality is an award-winning producer, Oscar-nominated singer, and Grammy-nominated singer. 

No, the two biggest stars in the movie industry are not related. But they are good friends. There is a show in which the legendary singer invited his co-actor. He came to the show with his family and introduced them to the Ross family.

This has been the first meeting of the two families. If they are relatives, this kind of introduction wouldn’t be necessary since they should know each other already.

The time when the actor called the son of the songstress as his nephew has been subjected to discourse on the internet. But later on, the actor cleared this out in an interview. He told the press that he loves Evan just like an actual nephew.

Furthermore, the two personalities do not know each other until they become comrades on the different movie sets together. Plus, the last names of the two are not the same. They also never acknowledge each other as a family but as good friends.

The actor and the son of his comrade have been on the same team on the Celebrity Family Feud.

How Is Terrence Howard Related To Diana Ross? How they connected to each other?
Terrence Howard By jjduncan_80 Licensed Under CC BY 2.0

But Terrence Howard

has been connected to the famous Motown family even before that. So the relationship of the two biggest stars is not more than a family friend.

It’s A Wrap!

Is Terrence Howard Related To Diana Ross? You are now aware that they are not blood-related, but they are best of friends to the point that they consider each other’s family as their own family.

That explains why Terrence Howard introduced the son of the legendary singer as his nephew.

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