Is The Weeknd Related To Michael Jackson?

It wouldn’t be easy for a singer to be compared with their fellow singer, especially the legendary once. For the R&B singer, he is often compared to the one and only Michael Jackson.

Others would be flattered by it, but the singer does not like it, and he often explained why he dislikes the comparison.

Is The Weeknd Related To Michael Jackson?
The Weeknd By The Come Up Show Licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

His costume at the Super Bowl has even reminded the fans of his similarity with the icon. With this, a lot has been wondering: is The Weeknd related to Michael Jackson.

This post will answer that very question. Ensure to read until the end.

Do The Weeknd And Michael Jackson Sounds Alike?

Both the style and music of the international R&B star are why he is being compared to the legendary icon. The recording artist admitted that the legend had a significant influence on his art.

The icon’s song about resisting temptations that won’t bring him good often inspired his music. All of his songs are played creatively with storytelling that is pretty much similar to Jackson’s songs.

Do The Weeknd And Michael Jackson Sounds Alike?
Michael Jackson by Georges Biard licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

The comparison is inevitable since the music artist has been the closest artist who sounds like the legend. No one in history has made the effect through his music – only the legend and now the rising star has proven to be equally excellent.

How Does The Felt About The Comparisons?

There have been many blogs comparing the recording artist with the legendary music icon due to the song entitled The Hills. The famous superstar addressed this himself in 2020.

It felt like a disaster for him. Following his performance at the Super Bowl, there have even more fans tying them together. But the international superstar explained his performance.

No, the two are not blood-related, but they have undeniable similarities. Still, the two are widely different and successful in their own ways.

How The Weeknd is Related To Michael Jackson?
The Weeknd By Kayla Johnson Licensed under CC BY 2.0

A similar purpose of the two is their albums that are easily relatable by the listeners. Music has been their outlet, and it has brought them success and fame. 

Although the singer can be hardly seen on social media and even in interviews, he has created a status through his own mystique. His voice is seductive and smooth.

While other artists are trying to explore new ways of promoting their art, the music artist has remained anonymous at first. Again, his music was only his outlet. It was direct therapy for him. 

It’s A Wrap!

Is The Weeknd related to Michael Jackson? You know by now that the answer is no. They are not related, but they have often been compared due to their song lyrics’ depth and complexity that cannot be recognized easily. The realizations of how depth the songs are what made his albums brilliant.

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