Is Tim Dillon Gay? What’s Tim Dillon’s Sexual Orientation?

Do you know there are gay celebrities who don’t appear to be gay or don’t sound like homosexual people? Tim Dillon is one such star.

It may be hard to trust that Dillon is gay because he wears what straight men wear and never puts makeup on. 

Is Tim Dillon Gay? a close look at his sexuality.
Tim Dillon by Tim Dillon licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Still, he is gay and has been admitting it since 2010, when he first came out. So what’s the story? Why did Tim Dillon take so long to come out of the closet? In this article, we have shared interesting facts about Tim Dillon’s coming out from his interview. 

Tim Dillon Said He Was Late in Coming Out As Gay

Twelve years ago, Tim Dillon came out of the closet. The podcaster is an American, and he used to live in a conservative place, and it took him a long to come out as gay. 

In an interview with Lex Clips, he admitted that it wasn’t society’s fault but that he was a coward and let the world know the truth much later. 

When he was 25-year-old, he came out. Lex asked, “So, you came out of the closet when you were 25.” Tim immediately replied, “Yeah, it’s a lot lately, very late by today’s standards.” 

Why Did Tim Dillon Took Time to Come Out? 

These days people are exploring their sexuality faster. Teenagers are coming out as gay, bisexual, and pansexual. So, it’s a big question from Tim’s followers why did he wait 25 years long to share the truth with the world? 

The reason for him to get late in coming out was his fear of society. He lived a long time in Austin, Texas, which was a conservative place in 2010. So he was afraid that he might not be accepted by society. He called himself a coward for that. 

In the interview with Lex Clips, he said, “It wasn’t society; it was me. So there were kids that were out in my high school that I waited years later to do it. That was no one’s fault but my own. 

So I was taking a cowardly way out and a lot of people so I could blame society or like I lived in a conservative area, and I grew up bla bla bla. You should take responsibility for your own decisions and if you’re being cowardly, admit that you’re being cowardly.” 

From his speech, it’s clear that he was scared of society. So it’s him that we should blame for coming out late and not society. 

Final Words

Til Dillon, who doesn’t wear makeup like other gay men and wears men’s clothing, is often misunderstood as straight. However, it’s been 12 years since the actor and comedian came out as gay. 

He may not sound like a usual gay guy, but he knew he was gay from high school and could manage the courage to label his sexuality at 25.

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