Is Trevon Diggs Related To Stefon Diggs? Are They Brother?

Last year, the name Stefon Diggs was announced to be included in the Pro Bowl. This has been his second time being selected for the Pro Bowl.

He is also the first football wide receiver to have consecutively made it to the Pro Bowl since the football star Andre Reed in 1998 up to 1994.

Is Trevon Diggs Related To Stefon Diggs? are they siblings?
Stefon Diggs by Keith Allison licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The athlete was very honored to be on the list. But other than him, another Diggs has made it to the roster. It is Trevon Diggs. Now, what people are curious about is the relationship between the two.

We have been receiving questions like: Is Trevon Diggs related to Stefon Diggs? Are they brother?

Today, our team has decided to answer those questions. Keep reading and find out how the Diggs in football are related.

Yes, the two football players are related. They are brothers. Fans were delighted to learn that the Bills’ wide beneficiary is not the only athlete in the Diggs family.

His brother also made it to the headlines last season. He is the cornerback of the team Cowboys, which is leading the league in 2021.

Despite their small age gap of four years, Trevon claimed that his older sibling is like a father to him. They were only 14 and 10 when their father died from tragic heart failure.

He was only 39 then, and his eldest son had to step up for his younger siblings during his freshmen years.

Who Is Stefon Diggs?

Who Is Stefon Diggs? Is he the brother of Trevon Diggs?
Stefon Diggs by All-Pro Reels licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

He is the only football player in the family who plays the offensive role. The football star is also the eldest sibling of the family. After three seasons of playing for Maryland, he was drafted by Viking in the fifth round of the NFL draft in 2015.

The professional football player has earned more than 1,000 years in two years of playing with Vikings in the seasons 2018 up to 2019.

Before the start of the 2020 season, he was traded to the Bills, and it has been marked as his best season, with eight touchdowns and 1,535 receiving yards. He is also the record holder of the player with the most catches in his first 20 team games.

Who Is Trevon Diggs?

The youngest member of the Diggs family is Trevon. Wayback 2016, he joined the team Alabama as a cornerback. In 2020, he was selected for the Cowboys during the draft’s second round.

In his first season in NFL, he got lucky; he was able to complete not just three (3) interceptions, but also one (1) sack.

Who Is                                                                                    Trevon Diggs? Is he the brother of Stefon Diggs?
Stefon Diggs by All-Pro Reels licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

In the last season, he was able to reach the top, leading the league in scoring a touchdown and completing five interceptions. In week 4 of the season, he was named as the week’s most defensive player.

His touchdown was able to win his team over the team Eagles. During that time, he and his brother completed a touchdown for their teams in that particular season.

It’s A Wrap!

Is Trevon Diggs related to Stefon Diggs? You can answer that question now. Yes, they are related. The two football stars are brothers.

Perhaps, it runs in their blood. They even have another brother who is also a football star. You may want to read this too! Know this: Are Tony Hale and Lucy Hale Related?

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