Is Troy Aikman Gay? All You Need to Know Troy Aikman’s Sexuality

Undoubtedly, Troy Aikman is one of the best football players in today’s world. This player was born in West Covina, California, USA. He is the child of Kenneth Aikman & Charlyn Bailey Aikman, who was born on November 21, 1966.

This player has gained worldwide recognition through playing for the Dallas Cowboys in the National Football League.

Is Troy Aikman Gay? Let's see whether he's gay or straight?
Troy Aikman by Leahdi licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Now, Troy’s sexuality is a controversial topic on today’s internet. People are dying to know about his sexuality.

Today, here in this article, we will share all the details of his sexuality. Let’s start.

Is Troy Aikman Gay?: A Little Bit Controversial!

Many rumors exist on the internet about this player’s sexuality. Troy Aikman’s sexuality is unclear. Even Troy says that he is confused about this.

Redskin Receiver said in a radio interview that Troy is probably gay. This comment has created much confusion among his fans & followers.

Recently, Troy replied to Richard Deitsch’s question about his sexuality. He said, “being gay is nothing but another lifestyle & he appreciates it.”

He said,

“I’m depressed about it because there is no confirmation of it. These all are like as jokes. Hey, don’t think of me like that as It’s not valued. You are living a fool’s paradise. It’s so funny.” Then he continued, “Maybe it would be true or maybe not. I am not sure. It doesn’t matter to me if it is one kind of lifestyle. But I don’t follow it.”

People like to continue gay relationships & anti-gay people are producing next generations now. But some people don’t like the same sex-relationship.

Does He Like to Spend More Time with Men?: Let’s See!

TLC’s show disclosed four men who have feelings for men. One of them said that he feels more attraction for a man than a woman & it is possibly nine out of ten.

They have married & all date women. You can call this kind of relationship “homosexual.”

We don’t know the correct answer with whom Troy is more interested to date as he said it’s just a people’s choice. Nevertheless, according to our research, he might be interested in dating women, not men.

We have found similarities between TLC’s starts & Aikman speech. Both said, “It gay men simply make a “like” to date men, then gay men & simply make a “like” to date women.”

Relationship Status of Troy Aikman

Troy was married to a stunning woman named Rhonda Worthey. In 1998, they met for the first time & Rhonda was a publicist for Dallas Cowboys quarterback.

They decided to live together in 2000. Later this couple gave birth to two daughters named Jordan & Ally. But unexpectedly, they got separated in April 2011. It made his fans & followers so upset.

This well-renowned player had a relationship with Catherine Aikman, known as Capa.

They met in 2016 & fell in love. At that time, Capa was single but had two sons of his ex-husband Jerry Mooty. Surprisingly, they decided to marry in 2017 & still are continuing an admirable relationship together.

Wrap Up

We still don’t know the proper sexual orientation of Troy & are working on it. Amazingly, this 55-year-old player doesn’t lose popularity due to these hypes.

Instead, people enjoy his football playing a lot. This player leads his life as his choice. So, guys, if you want to get the updated news, keep visiting our page.

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