Is Tye Sheridan Gay or Bi? What's His Sexual Orientation?

Celebrities’ sexuality is a big thing to supporters. As the largest population are of straight people, they want their favorite star to also be heterosexual. Hence most gay or bisexual public figures are not widely accepted. 

Tye Sheridan is tight lipped about his sexual label since people grew interests in him. As he doesn’t share his gender orientation, does it mean Tye Sheridan is gay? 

What's Tye Sheridan's sexuality? Is he gay, bi, or straight?
Tye Sheridan by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

No, Tye Sheridan is not gay as per trusted sources. He also didn’t confirm himself as bisexual or straight but his lifestyle and interest in women hints us Tye Sheridan is straight. 

Read further to learn how the false rumors about his sexuality spread and how the actor has been dealing with all the fake information about him. 

Is Tye Sheridan Gay? 

Tye Sheridan is not gay. The actor is quite open about his personal information except relationships. So if he were gay, we would have already known that.

The media tried to dig out his sexuality. But the celebrity likes to keep his mouth shut when reporters try to ask him about his gender orientation. 

Also he was interviewed many times but was never asked whether he is gay. The actor is 25 years old and may still be exploring his gender orientation. If he comes out in the near future, that will be big news and you will find out. 

Is Tye Sheridan Bisexual? 

Few people who don’t know the X-Men series actor well think him a bisexual person. It’s just their assumptions. There is no such prove that he likes both sex people. 

Is Tye Sheridan Bisexual? What's his sexual orientation?
Tye Sheridan by Dick Thomas Johnson licensed under CC BY 2.0

Also according to his behavior with men and women, we can say he likes females more than male. Hence, we are bound to believe Tye Sheridan is not bisexual unless he comes out as a bi in future. 

Is Tye Sheridan Straight? 

Tye Sheridan has not declared what his sexuality is. But most speculations tell us Tye is interested in females and is more flirty with women. 

Also the actor has always played straight people roles. He always kissed women in various movies. If he were a gay, straight woman wouldn’t do lip locked kissing scenes with the hot shot. These are enough to clear the fact to us, Tye Sheridan is straight. 

How Rumors About Tye Sheridan’s Sexuality Sparked? 

The Voyagers actor may not have headaches about what people say about his sexuality. Therefore, still the rumors are swirling online that Tye Sheridan may be gay or bisexual. 

How Rumors About Tye Sheridan's Sexuality Sparked? Let's see.
Tye Sheridan by Gage Skidmore licensed under
CC BY-SA 2.0

Such rumors spread about his singleness. Yes, while the American handsome dude has so many options, he didn’t date a single woman publicly. Since he came under the spotlight to the present day, he didn’t confirm any female as his partner. 

Since his supporters don’t find a reason to call him straight, they call him gay or bisexual. But there are many people across the world who are straight yet single. So, being single until getting married doesn’t change a person’s sexual orientation. Sadly only few people understand this. 

Final Words 

Tye Sheridan has been misunderstood. His fake sexuality news has been shared in an appropriate way. While it’s understandable Tye Sheridan is straight, some people would still promote him as a person of another gender. But such data is falsely made because there is no valid source.

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