Is Tye Sheridan Related to Taylor Sheridan?

America has many best actors, Tye Sheridan and Taylor Sheridan are among them. Both were born in Texas, United States.

Also they share the same last name. All these similarities are the reason behind why people are asking if Tye Sheridan is related to Taylor Sheridan? 

Is Tye Sheridan connected with Taylor Sheridan?
Tye Sheridan by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Tye Sheridan and Taylor Sheridan are not related. They came from different families. Tye’s father is Bryan Sheridan, but Taylor’s father’s name has been kept hidden.

Tye’s mother is Stephanie Sheridan, and Taylor’s mother’s name is also kept private. While Tye Sheridan has a young sister, Taylor Sheridan has a young brother. So there’s no way they are related. 

Let’s find out more interesting facts about the two by reading further. 

Who is Tye Sheridan? 

Tye Sheridan is an actor who was born and raised in America. He is also a producer. He is popularly known for acting in the one of the best ever film series named X-Men. He played the role of Cyclops. His current age is 25. 

Who is Taylor Sheridan? 

Taylor Sheridan is an actor plus filmmaker. His birth place is Texas, United States. His career began with acting in the Sons of Anarchy series. He is currently 52 years old. 

Are Tye Sheridan and Taylor Sheridan Related? 

Tye and Taylor have similar last names. Both are Americans and work in the film industry. Hence several people mistook them as siblings or cousins. To find out whether Tye and Taylor Sheridan are related or not, we need to look at their families below. 

Tye Sheridan’s Family

In actor Tye Sheridan’s family there are his father, mother and a sister. His father’s name is Bryan Sheridan and mother is Stephanie Sheridan. 

Both Stephanie and Bryan earn for themselves. While Stephanie’s earning source is her beauty salon and Bryan’s income source is driving. 

Everything about Tye Sheridan's Family.
Tye Sheridan by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Tye has a sister named Madison. She is younger than her. He is the first child of his parents. 

Taylor Sheridan’s Family

Taylor Sheridan kept his parents’ name private for some reason. Still many reporters tried their best to dig out something about his parents like their names and what they do. But there seemed no way to find such data. 

However rumors say his father is Collin Smith and mother is Marilyn Smith. But as their last names don’t match with the actors’, we shouldn’t believe in such invalid claims. 

The shocking fact is he has a younger brother, John Gibler  who too has a different surname. But it is verified that the two are brothers. 

After analyzing both the celebrity’s families we can say Tye Sheridan and Taylor Sheridan are not related. They are from different families. 

Final Words

Tye and Taylor Sheridan are two well-known American TV personalities. While Taylor Sheridan’s acting career began late, ‘The Tender Bar’ actor Tye entered Hollywood at an early age. 

Both actors share similar surnames which created doubts in their fans. hence the question came, “is Tye Sheridan related to Taylor Sheridan? The answer is no, they are not related like brothers or cousins. 

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