Is Tyler the Creator Gay? What is Tyler the Creator’s Sexuality?

Tyler the Creator is a very well-known Nigerian hip-hop artist.  Tyler the Creator is a rapper, producer, songwriter, and is well-known worldwide by his stage name. 

What's Tyler the Creator's sexuality? is he gay or straight?
Tyler the Creator by Yulia Vasileva licensed under CC BY 3.0

Recently, some rumors and controversy surrounded the hip-hop star about his sexuality, and the question arose, Is Tyler the Creator Gay?

Is Tyler the Creator Gay Or Straight?

There have been rumors surrounding Tyler the Creator’s sexual orientation and whether he is Gay or Straight.

Around 2017, he shocked his fans with his sexuality after he stated in song lyrics that he was going to come out as gay.

Tyler the Creator’s sexual orientation once again came into question after he revealed in an interview that he had been dating a boy since the age of 15.

The singer stated this in an interview when he was asked about his sexual orientation in August 2017. However, later on, he said it was just a figure of speech. 

The singer seems to be tight-lipped about his sexuality.

It will make it hard to figure out if he is gay or straight. But, overall, we can assume that on behalf of his past relationships that Tyler the Creator is straight. 

Revealed His Sexuality (Tyler the Creator)

Tyler cleared up the “grey area”

surrounding his sexuality and confirmed why he asked his friends for d**k pics.

In a conversation with Fantastic Man this week on account of his song ‘I Ain’t Got Time,’ the interview provoked the Rapper to admit his sexuality.

The Hip-Hop Star has spoken about his sexuality in a recent interview. 

In 2017, Tyler addressed headlines by covering a song from his album Flower Boy; he stated that he had been kissing white boys for over a decade.

The Rapper stated that: “People hate not being knowledgeable. So they will answer bull*** and makes*** up, preferably just happening, like. I don’t know. There are unusual situations that are simply unexplainable.”


Here we mention Tyler’s sexuality. Publicly he revealed that he is gay, and the Flower Boy singer is quite satisfied with it. It was addressed long ago and he has even displayed his views on sexuality in many songs. 

Nevertheless, people were confused about whether the lyrics express the Rappers’ trustworthy self or just the original expression he executed in a song.

He is known for employing gay slurs in his songs, along with unsuitable lyrics and has employed homophobic language about his sexuality.

Some of Tyler’s songs are banned in some countries like Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. However, the rapper’s most controversial activity is from his initial solo album, Goblin where he used to word “fa**ot” 213 times.

It ultimately led him to be banned in three countries and viewed unfavorably by the LGBTQ+ community.


In conclusion, his followers are still a bit confused about his sexuality, though we assume that he is gay.

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