Is Victoria Justice Gay or Bisexual? What’s Her Sexuality?

It is no secret that Victoria Justice is an ally of the LGBTQ+ community. She has participated in many programs aimed against gender discrimination and is an avid attendee of the Pride Month parade. With that said, many have been wondering whether Victoria is gay or not. 

Is Victoria Justice Gay? Is Victoria Justice bisexual? Victoria Justice sexuality.
Victoria Justice by Ethan Sigmon licensed under CC BY 3.0

To hopefully answer the people’s burning questions, perhaps her dating history may give us a glimpse into Victoria’s preferences in romantic partners.

Has Victoria Justice Dated Any Women Before?

As one of Nickelodeon’s biggest stars, Victoria Justice had been the subject of media obsession when it comes to her love life.

She has tried keeping her relationships private, but the industry always finds a way to squeeze anything they can get from her romantic ventures. So, has anyone found any sign that Victoria is into women? 

Sadly, the answer to that is not yet. In fact, Victoria has been exclusively dating men her whole life. Her ex-lovers include:

As you can see, no girls on that list. But, it is possible that Victoria has had a girl crush that we just haven’t known yet. 

Is Victoria Justice straight? What's Victoria Justice's sexual orientation?
Victoria Justice by orangesporanges
 licensed under CC BY 2.0

Ironically, though, Victoria has played a character who has fallen in love with a gay boy in a movie called Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List. When asked if such a scenario has happened to her in real life, she answered:

To be honest with you, though, I’ve never been in love with any gay boys.”

Victoria Justice is Pro-Gay

In 2015 interview, Victoria Justice opened up about how growing up in an openly gay community impacted her:

My mom was a hairdresser so she’s been around gay men her whole life. And I was around gay people from a young age because I started modeling in Florida. I was always around gay hairdressers and gay makeup artists so by age ten, I already had extremely good gaydar. It’s served me well, I think.”

Perhaps that kind of upbringing embedded in her the passion to fight for the people she looked up to. In 2018, she posted this message on Instagram:

Happy pride errrrrybodyyy!!! What a magical day in NYC today. So much love on these streets. Thank you @amfar for having me on your float! I had the most amazing time.”

Is Victoria Justice Straight or Gay?

What's Victoria Justice's sexuality? Is she gay or bisexual?
Victoria Justice by Gamerscore Blog licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

At last, the moment of truth is here. According to several sources, Victoria Justice is, indeed, straight. Her fans also have the same opinion as shown by the results in a poll created by a Victoria Justice fangirl. The results were:

  • 7% of voters think Victoria Justice is gay
  • 53% of voters think Victoria Justice is straight
  • 41% of voters think Victoria Justice is bisexual

What about you? Do you agree with the results of the survey or not? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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