Is Wesley Snipes Nigerian? Where’s Snipes Originally From?

Wesley Snipes is, without question, one of the most prolific Black actors in the history of Hollywood. His name is etched on the big leagues together with the likes of Denzel Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, and Will Smith.

Is Wesley Snipes Nigerian? What's his nationality?
Wesley Snipes by nicolas genin licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

His movies were box office hits, many of which paved the way for thousands of people to develop a love for action movies. With that said, Wesley has earned himself a massive following of dedicated fans who want to know every little thing about their beloved idol. 

In this article, we will discuss Wesley Snipes’ ethnic background and nationality. So, if you’re interested in that topic, we encourage you to keep reading!

What is Wesley Snipes’ Nationality?

Wesley Trent Snipes, a critically acclaimed action star, producer, author, and martial artist, was born in Orlando, Florida, on July 31, 1962. Shortly after his parent’s divorce, Wesley moved to New York, where he and his siblings were raised by their single mother.

Then, Wesley attended performing arts schools and auditioned for amateur acting gigs, eventually developing his passion for acting. 

With his birthplace being in the U.S., Wesley Snipes’ nationality is American. 

What is Wesley Snipes’ Nationality? Is he Nigerian?
Wesley Snipes by Nicolas Genin
licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

For some of you reading this bit right now, this may not be the answer you’re looking for. What you might be interested in learning is the actor’s ethnicity, not nationality. So here’s a quick recap of how those terms differ from each other:

  • Ethnicity refers to a person’s inherent cultural background obtained from kinship. This is characterized by one’s affiliation or subscription to cultural features exclusive to a particular ethnic group. Having native Asian parents, for instance, makes your ethnicity Asian.
  • Nationality pertains to one’s geopolitical identity obtained upon birth or other citizenship processes. That said, your heritage may include Asian ancestry, but if you were born in the U.S., that makes your nationality American.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s find out Wesley Snipes’ ethnicity.

What is Wesley Snipes’ Ethnicity?

According to reports, Wesley Snipes is of African descent. The Blade actor himself confirmed this by revealing that his ancestors originated from Igboland – a region in an African nation called Nigeria.

What is Wesley Snipes’ Ethnicity? Let's know about that.
Wesley Snipes by Georges Biard licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Apparently, Wesley managed to trace his heritage after visiting the country for the first time in 1986 to conduct a research project for an upcoming film. During his stay, the people of the Anambra State even declared him a chieftain of the state. 

In other words, Wesley Snipes’s ethnicity is Nigerian. However, it is essential to note that he was not born in Nigeria but simply affiliated with them through ethnic heritage.

During an interview, Wesley professed his appreciation and admiration for the people of Nigeria. He said he felt at home during his visit as the locals took care of him. So perhaps it’s safe to say that Wesley will be back in Nigeria soon enough!

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