Is Whoopi Goldberg Married? Who's Whoopi Goldberg Husband?

The question is: who’s Whoopi Goldberg husband? Is Whoopi Goldberg married? The answer is no; the prominent TV personality is currently not married.

But it does not mean that she has no idea what marriage is all about. As a matter of fact, the actress has long romance history. This includes having three ex-husbands.

Who's Whoopi Goldberg Husband? Is she married?
Whoopi Goldberg by Canadian Film Centre licensed under CC BY 2.0

You might be surprised, just like her other fans, that she has actually tied the knots thrice. That is because the star is keeping her relationship private. But on some occasions, she has talked about her romances.

Below, we will introduce the three men to whom the iconic comedian has exchanged vows. Keep reading!

Whoopi Goldberg Husbands

Many have been asking us: Is Whoopi Goldberg married? We revealed above that no at the moment, but she has been married thrice. However, all of her nuptials ended in divorce. Scroll down to know his three ex-husbands.

Alvin Martin

Her first marriage was her longest one. The relationship between the two lasted from 1973 to 1979. Alvin Martin was formerly his drug counselor. They exchanged vows in 1973. The actress was only 18 at that time. The couple was blessed with a daughter in May of that year.

After being together for six years, they decided to end things between them in 1979. Based on the reports, her ex-husband never married again after their divorce.

David Claessen

After her split with Alvin, the comedian tied the knots once again in 1986 with David Claessen, a cinematographer. But their marriage only lasted for two years. They separated in 1988, and they are not blessed with any kids.

David Claessen was the second husband of Whoopi Goldberg.
David Claessen by Tomsohn licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

After the divorce, David married again, but they separated too. Now, he is currently married to his third spouse. The comedian’s ex-husband helped create music videos for hit singers, including Jason Mraz, Travie McCoy, and Britney Spears. Other than that, he also worked in television and films.

Lyle Trachtenberg

The last wedding of the prominent actress and TV host was in 1994 with Lyle Trachtenberg, an actor, and organizer of the ITSE union.

Like her previous partner, they were also not blessed with any kids. That is because the marriage only lasted for one year. They already split up in 1995.

It’s A Wrap!

Is Whoopi Goldberg married? The iconic comedian and actress revealed that it took her some time before she realized that she was not ready to have a man in her life, and she had been trying so hard. It was not the fault of any of his partners, but she admitted that it was hers.

All of her marriages failed, with herself being the common denominator. She does not have a strong commitment. The host even claimed that she was actually never in love. She thinks that marriage was not something meant for her.

The only reason for her walking down the aisle is that she is expected to get a boyfriend and marry someone. But now realizes that she does not conform to the societal pressure to settle down, especially for women.

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