Is Zendaya Gay Or Bisexual? What’s her Sexual Orientation?

Zendaya has been a huge interest to her fans since the time she used to be a Disney star. At that period of time people were mostly curious to know who she used to date. But things have changed now.

Is Zendaya Gay? Is Zendaya bisexual? what's her sexuality?
Zendaya by MTV International licensed under CC BY 3.0

After an interview with the E! News, Zendaya’s sexuality has become a big question. While the interviewer was clearly asking her about the type of man she would like. To everyone’s surprise she used the word “Person” instead of “Man.” 

So what does it mean? Is Zendaya bisexual or gay? We’ve explained everything that will help you understand her gender orientation well. 

An Interview of Zendaya Hinted Her Followers That She Maybe a Bisexual

As Zendaya is a global favorite, she has to go through interviews every now and then. Interviewers ask on different topics and she likes to answer them well. 

In an interview with E! News she gave her fans a hint that she is into both men and women. It may sound unbelievable but she clearly hinted herself as a bisexual person. 

In that particular interview, she was asked about her sexuality in an indirect way. The interviewer asked “What is the quality you most like in a man?” Zendaya quickly fixed the host and said, “I’m most like in a person, how about that?” 

By adding the word “person” she represented herself as a genders neutral person and maybe it was an indirect declaration of her being a bisexual. 

She also added later, “This is such a big question, I would say like kindness is kind of like not the best way to describe it, but some people or just good people and you can just feel it and I don’t know how to explain that. 

But there’s like this little spark they have or this little special thing they have that just makes you feel safe and happy around them.” 

Zendaya faced Gay rumor for some reasons. Let's know about those reasons.
Zendaya by Walt Disney Television licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

But we also must mention that she didn’t directly declare herself as a bi. The actress’s hidden love life fueled the bisexual rumors even more.

Although we can’t confirm who her boyfriends or girlfriends are, we can surely tell you with whom Zendaya’s name got involved romantically.

Zendaya’s Rumored Dating Partners 

There are several men that Zendaya has dated according to rumors. Those men are Trevor Jackson, Odell Beckham Jr., Zac Efron, and Tom Holland.

Although none of the celebrities has confirmed their relationships with the Disney star, Tom Holland still seems to be pretty close to her. 

Rumors regarding these two are not fading. The duo are always doing cute stuff and show up on most events together.

Nowadays they often visit different places around the world. Neither Holland, nor Zendaya share the information of their secret dates but can’t also escape from fans’ eyes. 

Recently the two were seen visiting Budapest. One of their fans took a short video of the rumored couple walking around and having talks with happy faces. Then the video was posted by a Twitter account called “Zendaya Updates.” 

The Controversy over Zendaya's Sexuality. Is she gay or straight?
Zendaya by Neon Tommy licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Their love rumor is so strong that some people made a false video of Zendaya being pregnant, shared it on Twitter and made her fans believe that she actually has become pregnant with Tom Holland’s child.

It’s because in 2021 Holland often talked about taking a break from his career and focusing on making his own family. 

There is still a video on YouTube where Zendaya is showing her fake baby bump. One of her supporters commented “Bro she is so pregnant even the background got a belly.” Well this specific fan was indeed wise but most followers trusted the false news and we’re posting on the issue madly on Twitter. 

A user named ARAR posted, “Zendaya pregnant news, I made it up.” Another user called Stack posted a picture that had “The person who said Zendaya pregnant to get Twitter in a frenzy rn:” written on it. Apart from all these rumors we can say Zendaya is gender neutral. 

But when it comes to defining her sexuality, most assumptions says

she is straight as she has not came out directly as gay or bisexual. Since she always find herself comfortable with men only, we can accept the assumption of her being heterosexual. 

Final Words

Do you get puzzled when thinking of Zendaya’s sexuality? Well, it’s obvious because she has never directly spoken about her sexuality with the media. 

But she gave us hints that Zendaya actually likes to love a person and not only a man. That made her a gender neutral person. However, she keeps finding interest in men other than women.

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