IShowSpeed Net Worth 2022: Age, Height, Girlfriend, Real Name

IShowSpeed is an exciting teen YouTuber who is getting his followers to increase more and more each day. He is catching more people’s attention daily, not only because he is good at gaming but also for making his expressions and content hilarious. 

Darren Watkins, widely known as IShowSpeed, has thousands of die-hard fans who pay him dollars just to get birthday wishes and hellos.

Everything about IShowSpeed Net Worth ,Age, Height, Girlfriend, and Real Name.
IShowSpeed by IShowSpeed licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

He gets at least $75 to at least $200 per stream from his fans alone. Today we will look at his net worth and who he is dating, his actual name, height and age. 

IShowSpeed’s Net Worth

IShowSpeed has vast followers on YouTube. The young star has 12.2 million followers. His latest net worth is $5 million, and his earnings source is streaming games. He also earns while streaming, and once he is revealed to the fans, he earns $75 to $200 per stream. 

IShowSpeed’s Age 

Darren Watkins, aka IShowSpeed, is a young YouTuber from America. He is currently 17 years old. He landed on earth with his family on 21st January 2005.

His family was in Ohio when he was born. He is one of the teenage YouTubers who earned millions of followers in a matter of days. 

IShowSpeed’s Height

IShowSpeed belongs to the group of ‘tall boys.’ He is only 17, and he is already 5 foot 8 inches. He is yet to grow more, and it seems he will become 6 ft or taller. 

If he gets that tall, he may also get opportunities to become a model or actor. However, he seems to have all his focus on being an excellent gamer for now. 

IShowSpeed’s Girlfriend

If you’ve watched IShowSpeed’s videos, you’ve already seen his ex-girlfriend. Yes, we mentioned her as an ex-girlfriend because the two are reportedly not dating anymore. He brought her, Ermony Renee, in some of his streaming videos and also brought her little sister. 

The information regarding when and how the two met or started dating is unknown because the gamer didn’t reveal much data on his past relationship. It seemed that the couple used to live together at Darren’s house. 

Some sources also say that he has a daughter with Renee, but none of the couples addressed the claims made by fans. Also, IShowSpeed didn’t let his followers know when he broke up with his ‘dream’ that we know as Ermony Renee. 

IShowSpeed’s Real Name

IShowSpeed is, of course, not the real name of the YouTuber. His actual name given by his parents is Darren Watkins Jr., But as his personality, he wanted to have a unique name for his channel, so he decided to name it “IShowSpeed.” 

Final Words

Gaming means fun, but when it’s IShowSpeed playing, it’s even more fun. This teen YouTuber can make anyone laugh hard while learning gaming skills by watching his streams. Since Darren Watkins plays all kinds of games, kids and teens love to watch his gaming. 

Kids are more impressed with him, so his followers have been searching on the internet about his age, net worth, girlfriend and real name.

Now you know that IShowSpeed, aka Darren Watkins, is 17 years old and had a public relationship with Ermony Renee. This 5 ft 8 inches handsome hunk has 5 million US dollars reserved.

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