J Balvin and His Girlfriend Valentina Ferrer's Dating Timeline 2022

The heartthrob and singer from Colombia are among the world’s biggest stars in the music industry today. J Balvin leads the revival of reggae in the world.

His hit single titled Mi Gente became one of his favorite songs of Obama in 2017. That particular song of the reggaeton icon has also been remixed with one of Beyoncé‘s songs.

J Balvin and His Girlfriend Valentina Ferrer's Dating Timeline. Are they still dating in 2022?
J Balvin by Jeff Pinilla licensed under CC BY 3.0

However, one aspect of his life that is not as successful as his career in music is his love life. For his 35 years of existence, he has been in a relationship with a lot of women. However, none of them lasts. Maybe, his latest love interest can change this misfortune of the reggae star.

Keep reading as we give you the details on J Balvin and his girlfriend Valentina Ferrer’s dating timeline 2022.

J Balvin Dating Valentina Ferrer

In the latest Grammy Awarding Ceremony, several couples appear wearing coordinated outfits. They are flaunting their relationships in front of many photographers. This leaves several lovely pictures for the fans.

Among those smitten celebrity couples who put up PDA shows on the night was the reggae icon who appeared with his girl, Valentina Ferrer. The two have indeed stolen the night. They have made a mark on the red carpet wearing bold and matched outfits.

We know the singer beyond his music. He has a unique way of expressing fashion too. Aside from introducing his girlfriend, the singer also showed the world his new hairstyle, which gave him a remarkable transformation.

Who Is J Balvin’s Girlfriend?

J Balvin’s girlfriend was not new to the red carpet and the flashing lights that come with it. The 27 years old native of Argentina used to be a pageant queen.

Who Is J Balvin's Girlfriend? Is he still dating Valentina Ferrer?
Valentina Ferrer by Kris Tamburello licensed under CC BY 3.0

She crowned Miss Argentina in 2014. Her pageant career continued by representing her country in the Miss Universe pageant.

Although she failed to take home the title, the singer’s girlfriend has made it to the Top 10. This was the first time after 30 years for an Argentinian contestant to drive that far in the said pageant.

After the pageant, she went on to modeling, but it was not a part of her plans to make it a lifelong source of living.

The singer’s girlfriend is, in fact studying in Buenos Aires to get a degree in the field of physical education. But when she visiting in Mia, she was scouted by the director of a modeling agency. She was only 20 years old at that time.

When And How Did The Two Meet?

Aside from her modeling career, Valentina

also paddled in acting and has incredible talent. She made her debut in 2019. She played a role in a comical series.

The actress met her boyfriend on the set of his music video for Sigo Extrañándote, which has been one of his hit songs. In that video, the actress plays the singer’s wife and the mother of their daughter.

It’s A Wrap!

You finally have an idea on J Galvin and His Girlfriend Valentina Ferrer’s Dating Timeline 2022. When the actress does not do modeling or acting, she is traveling, playing basketball, or listening to her boyfriend’s music.

Those are the things that she loves to do. Eventually, the actress wants to have a family of her own with three or four kids. She aspired to be a devoted mother and run an entertainment business of her own.

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