Jamal Murray Girlfriend 2022| Who’s Jamal Murray Dating in 2022?

Jamal Murray is a popular name in the NBA, and he has grabbed the news headlines for quite a few years as one of the main players of the Denver Nuggets. The 25 years old Canada-born basketball player is very enthusiastic and forthright when he talks about his career.

At the same time, he shows reluctance to talk about his personal life. However, his relationship wasn’t a secret anymore in 2020 when his sex tape with his girlfriend got leaked in an unfortunate incident.

Who's Jamal Murray Girlfriend? Is he single or dating anyone?
Jamal Murray by Acdixon licensed under CC0 1.0

Since then, his fans and followers have constantly been searching for Jamal Murray’s girlfriend. Who is she, and are they still together or not? In this blog, we will talk about Jamal Murray’s girlfriend.

Is Jamal Murray still with his Girlfriend?

As mentioned earlier, the basketball player and his long-term girlfriend’s scandalous video got leaked accidentally in 2020. Although Murray was never open about his relationship in public, the scandal caused havoc amongst the fans relating to Murray’s girlfriend.

It was affecting the basketball player’s career, too, for which many thought the couple might have broken up by now. However, the situation got subtle sooner after Murray got immense support from his well-wishers which are said to be a healer of their relationship. 

Post the scandal, both Jamal and his girlfriend were asked about their current relationship status numerous times. However, they both remained silent on it. Some assume they broke up and will reveal it at the right time, where some believe they are still together. 

Jamal Murray’s Girlfriend Name

The name of the NBA player’s long-term girlfriend is Harper Hempel. Hempel is a 23 years old Kentucky-born photographer and digital media manager.

She completed her graduation in marketing and media from the University of Kentucky and met her basketball player boyfriend there when they were students. In her college and high school days, Hempel used to be a pro Volleyball player.

But she ditched the idea of taking sports as her career like her boyfriend and chose to be an entrepreneur instead. She owns her own small photography business called ‘Harper Hempel Photography.’

Hempel came into the public eye after that misfortune happened with a scandalous video with her star boyfriend.

Jamal Murray Girlfriend’s Instagram

The 23 years old businesswoman’s Instagram handle name is ‘harperhempel.’ Currently, she has 75.4k followers, which was not even near 1k in 2020. After the scandal, she grew followers.

This account is new as, after the scandal, both Harper and Jamal deleted their previous Instagram ID and created new ones. In the bio, she mentions Atlanta, Georgia, which means she is currently living there.

Since she is a photographer, you will find every photo on her Instagram aesthetic and well presented. There is no picture with basketball star Jamal Murray in her new Instagram account, nor is she following her boyfriend there.   

Final Thought

So, this was all about Jamal Murray’s girlfriend or possible ex. We can’t say anything as the duo has not officially declared them separated. Their behavior and silence towards each other keep all of their fans in ambiguity about their relationship. Till then, we can assume they are on break with each other!

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