James Corden Net Worth 2022| How Rich is James Corden?

James Corden is a professional actor, comedian and television host. He is basically from Hillingdon, London, UK, so he mainly works in the British media industry. 

He was born in 1978, and now he is in his 44rd year. In this long media career, James has done his job splendidly and earned a lot of money.

How rich is James Corden? What's his net worth.
James Corden by Luke Harold licensed under CC0 1.0

In this article, we tried to find the exact amount of property he owns. We also explored his income sources. Have a look!

What is James Corden’s Net Worth in 2022?

At the end of the year 2021, James Corden owns approximately $30 million. He has earned this sum amount of money from his diversified Career.

Corden is known popularly for hosting a late-night show on CBS named ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’. He got paid a handsome amount for this show.

How much did James Corden Earn in his Early Career?

In the early days of James’ Career, like every other artist in the media industry, James had to struggle too.

He began his career by playing more minor roles in television shows like ‘Boyz Unlimited,’ ‘Teachers,’ ‘Little Brain,’ ‘Hollyoaks’ etc.

He seems to get his first TV break in the year 2000 for his role in ‘Fat Friends,’ a popular drama series.

How successful is James Corden in his Career?

In 1999, James worked in a film ‘What Happened to Harold Smith.’ He started to prove his efficiency since then. In 2000 he worked fabulously in ‘Fat Friends.’ But he fully got his charm in his Career back in 2010.

In 2010, James started hosting a sports-based show named ‘A League of Their Own.’ In the same year, he appeared in a supporting role in ‘Gulliver’s Travels’. 

In 2011 he played the lead role in the award-winning comedy play ‘One Man, Two Guvnors.’ Over the next few years, he appeared in more than 4 films. 

In 2015, he started hosting the show ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’, which got popular with both audiences and critics. He started earning the most after this breakthrough.

How Rich is James Cordon in 2022?

James Cordon has a glamorous career spanning more than decades. This hard-working man earned a definitely handsome amount from his Career. 

Now, he is rumored to get a salary of $9 million. In 2017, James and his wife purchased a house in Los Angeles that is worth $9.77 million.

He seemed to own around $22m previously, but from the latest account of his company, his assets should be around $28 million. But he is rumored to own $70 million, which hasn’t any document reference.


He is best known for his courageous career decisions, which eventually helped him make more money! A source told ‘The Sun’ that James took a huge gamble when he moved to LA to anchor The Late Late Show in 2015. 

He took this risk though it could backfire. Ha has now been an example of hard work and dedication.

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