Janet Jackson's Complete Plastic Surgery Update A To Z

Janet Jackson grows up in the entertainment industry. We have seen her transition from being a girl to a singing superstar.

Being in the spotlight, rumors about plastic surgery is inevitable. There are too many speculations about the changing appearance of the singer. 

Let know about Janet Jackson's Complete Plastic Surgery.
Janet Jackson by andy liang licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The iconic star has admitted to having cosmetic work, and she was even thankful that her fans accepted her still. She claimed that she did it to stay young or at least gracefully. 

With that, you may want to know about the plastic surgeries she had undertaken. This post will run through Janet Jackson’s complete surgery update A to Z. So, keep reading and find out!

Janet Jackson Plastic Surgeries From A To Z

As mentioned, the legendary artist wants to keep herself young-looking. Below is the list of some of the plastic surgeries undertaken by the iconic singer arranged from A to Z. 

Breast augmentation

On Vogue Fashion week, many have noticed that the body of international singing superstar has changed so much. The first thing that people noticed to be different was her fake boobs. According to her fans, the boobs are now larger. 

Although one can gain weight as they age, many speculated that the change in her boobs is not a part of the natural process. That much change cannot be natural. She has certainly been under the knife. 

Janet Jackson  Breast augmentation image.
Janet Jackson by Andy Liang licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Cheek Implants

Aside from the facelift, her puffier cheeks may also be due to the cheek implants. This is often done with a facelift to give the face more definition. Also, it will reduce the skin that the surgeon has to cut.

It is uncertain whether or not her cheek is only a result of her facelift procedure. But there is a possibility that she has signed up to get cheek implants. 

Unfortunately, the new look of the iconic singer does not include an affectionate smile with dimples anymore. Perhaps, this is the price she has to pay to get rid of the wrinkles. 

Face Lift

Janet Jackson plastic surgery also includes a facelift. Since the iconic singer is not getting any younger, wrinkles will eventually form. So to prevent that, the celebrity may have decided to get a facelift.

When you look at her recent photos, her face looks puffier, and her eyebrows are not raised. Her forehead is also smooth despite her age. 

Janet Jackson Face Lift image.
Janet Jackson by Rich Esteban licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

You might be expecting some wrinkles on her face, but there aren’t any. A facelift is certainly the reason behind it. It pulled the skin upwards, removing the wrinkles. However, it has been a bit too much, which is why her eyebrows looked unnatural. 


Janet Jackson nose job was first done when she was only 16. At that tie, the singer did not know whether or not she would have other cosmetic surgeries. Recently, she has also undertaken a nose job along with her facelift. 

It’s A Wrap!

You just have a grasp of Janet Jackson’s complete plastic surgery update from A to Z. Still, with all the speculated cosmetic procedures mentioned above, the only surgery confirmed by the artist is the rhinoplasty.

The total look of the singer, including her raised eyebrows, should be credited to her make-up artist. But the breast cannot just be due to make upright? 

You can judge the truthfulness behind this yourself by comparing her photos. See how her looks have changed then and now. 

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