Jared Leto's Girlfriend 2022 | Is He Still Dating Valery Kaufman?

Throughout his career, Jared Leto has been the subject of several headlines for different reasons, ranging from strange backstage rituals to his behavior around cast members.

But if you take his controversies out of the picture for a moment, one might find Jared undeniably attractive. He’s got the looks and the bod to make ladies swoon over him. 

Everything about Jared Leto's present dating partner.
Jared Leto and Margot Robbie by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

With that said, many fans are curious to know if any woman has dared to date the infamous Jared Leto. So let’s find out by looking at his dating history and present relationship with his last known official girlfriend Valery Kaufman.

Dating History of Jared Leto

As a hunk star, Jared Leto’s star-studded list of ex-lovers may not come as a surprise to many people. He’s 50 years old now, which means that he’s had plenty of time to date as many ladies as he wanted to.

Besides, he was also a heartthrob in his younger years, meaning it was easier for him to charm his way into the hearts of his partners.

Here’s the list of every woman Jared Leto has officially dated:

Of course, Leto has also been involved in many, many relationship rumors as well as hook-ups. In fact, many have speculated that he might have had a fling with the following ladies:

As you can see from above, Leto’s charisma is enough to charm the most brilliant, talented, and beautiful ladies in Hollywood.

While nothing was ever confirmed nor denied regarding Leto’s relationship with the women listed above, it’s nevertheless impressive how many popular artists he manages to (at least) befriend.

Is Jared Leto Currently Single or In a Relationship?

While Jared Leto’s taste in women may often include famous celebrities, the actor actually prefers to keep things low-key about his love life.

He is not the type of person to flex his partners in social media, nor does he talk openly about them in public. However, rumor has it that Leto is currently in a long-term relationship with a Victoria’s Secret supermodel: Valery Kaufman.

At first, Jared and Valery started as friends, but the romance between the two allegedly started in 2015. They were seen spending time with each other multiple times – from shopping for groceries to having lavish dates at nice restaurants.

Is Jared Leto Currently Single or In a Relationship? Is he dating Valery Kaufman in 2022?
Valery Kaufman by Valery Kaufman licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

But since then, the couple went out in public less frequently. This is because, according to reports, Jared and Valery are in an on-and-off relationship. A source close to them told People Magazine: 

They initially seemed to be friends. They would meet up with groups of people and all hang out. They didn’t go on solo dates. Over the years, things seem to have turned romantic. They have been off and on now for a few years but seem to spend more time together lately.”

Because they are rarely seen together in public, it’s difficult to determine if Jared and Valery are still together. It is also challenging to get any information from either of them since they both rarely participate in interviews.

Moreover, neither Jared nor Valery has opened up about their relationship. If it’s of any help, though, the last time they were spotted together was in 2020 when they were with Leto’s mom on their way to a trendy gourmet marketplace called Joan’s on Third.

In a Nutshell

To sum things up, Jared Leto was last known to be in a relationship with Russian supermodel Valery Kaufman. It is uncertain if they are still dating each other in 2022, but they were last seen together in 2020. 

Do you think Jared and Valery make a great couple? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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