What is Jeffree Star's Gender? Is Jeffree Star Male or Female?

Have you ever thought about Jeffree Star’s gender? It’s natural to have this question in your mind since the former singer and songwriter of America kept his sexuality a secret for years. 

What is Jeffree Star's Gender? Is Jeffree Star Male or Female?
Jeffree Star by Victoria Morse licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

He was asked several times about his sexual label, but Jeffree kept avoiding the query. But he finally opened up about his sexual preferences in an interview with Impulsive Clips. There he gave his opinion regarding sexual labels and later revealed his label of sexuality. 

So, let’s keep reading till the end to find out who Jeffree Star finds attractive, his sexual orientation and his exes from his interview. 

Jeffree Star Said Half of the Sexual Labels Are Stupid 

4 months ago, Jeffree Star was invited to “Impulsive Clips’’ and talked about his gender orientation and sexuality. He always shared that he doesn’t care about anything, including what people think of him. He also admitted to having canceled culture ten times just to be himself. 

So when he was asked what his gender was, Jeffree said, “I’m a dude, I love makeup, I love fashion, and you know I’ve been doing this for so long now these terms did not exist.” He said he didn’t even f*ck with the terms and added, “I think half of its f*cking stupid… Oh, there are too many labels. So just be yourself.” 

So he admitted that he is a male and not transgender. He is a guy who likes wearing makeup. 

Jeffree Star Said According to Google, He is a Pansexual Who Likes Everything

Although the famous personality doesn’t like to label himself, he correctly answered one of the most asked queries, “is Jeffree Star gay?” The host asked him, “Do you have a sexual preference?” He replied instantly, “I like everyone. I’m down for it all.

So I’m not a gay male. I’m just a guy. I like everything. I don’t like labels, but I guess if you were to Google what I’m, I’m pansexual. I like everything. I hate that term.” 

Jeffree, however, admitted that he likes guys more than girls. This is why he dated guys. Hence Jeffree star is neither gay nor bisexual but pansexual. 

Jeffree Star Dated Only Men

In the previously mentioned interview, the Instagram beauty influencer said he likes both men and women. He also called himself pansexual and not bisexual. 

However, he tends to get romantically involved with guys. No wonder he admitted that he likes men more; maybe this is why we’ve always seen him fall in love with guys. 

He was first linked to Chris Crocker. The two were assumed to be couples, but they never admitted to having feelings of love for one another. 

The prominent YouTuber’s first public affair was with Nathan Schwandt. In 2015 the couple began dating. Jeffree shared the fact with his fans that he and Nathan met through Instagram. They texted and one day decided to meet up, and boom! That’s how they got involved in a relationship. 

They were a strong couple for five years until 2020, when they split. None of the stars shared the reason for their breakup. However, the makeup artist removed “Wifey of Nathan” from his Instagram bio, which confirmed the two had stopped dating. 

Jeffree Star Dated Only Men.
Jeffree Star by dvsross licensed under CC BY 2.0

In the Summer of 2020, fans also speculated that he was in a relationship with Andre Marhold after they saw him posting a picture where he was straddling another guy.

Looking at the tattoos, fans immediately recognized that it was no one but Andre, the famous basketball player. 

Jeffree didn’t reveal the person’s name till the end, but he did say that he was not in a serious relationship and was not having a good time. Hence, fans should stop speculating about his dating life. 

Final Words

Generally, celebrities who appear as Jeffree stars are either called gay or trans. So, his fans were confused about his sexuality as he didn’t reveal his sexual preferences for a long time until four months ago. 

Also, he always dated men; his supporters couldn’t help but think he was gay or bisexual. But the founder of “Jeffree Star’s Cosmetics” surprised everyone by saying he is pansexual according to Google or sexual labels. 

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