Jennie Kim Age, Height, Weight, Sexuality, Parents and Siblings

BLACKPINK is a dominating Korean POP band in the music industry. All the representatives of the band are loved by millions of supporters worldwide. Such a famous name is Jennie Kim if the group who owns the second most followers. 

A close look at Jennie Kim Age, Height, Weight, Sexuality, Parents and Siblings.
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It’s obvious her fans want to know authentic information about her. Hence, today we will share legit details about her age, height, weight, sexuality, parents and siblings. So, without wasting further, let’s jump straight into the personal information of Kim Jennie. 

Jennie Kim Age 

Jennie Kim was born in Seoul, South Korea, on 26th January 1996. She was born in the Cheongdam-dong ward of the district Gangnam. It’s a place famous for having wealthy families living there. Her current age is 26. She is the second oldest of the BLACKPINK members. 

Jennie Kim Height

Jennie is 5 feet 4.25 inches which is why she has become a prominent model. Her height measures 1.63m in meters. If we convert it to cm, it is 160. Her extended height helps her look more curved. 

Jennie Kim Weight

Jennie’s weight from BLACKPINK is only 48 kg, 106 if calculated in lbs. That is why she looks slim and attractive. Although her weight goes up and down, she ensures to bring it to 48 kg by dieting and working out before performing for new music videos. 


Jennie Kim is straight. She is interested in men and was rumored to have many boyfriends. Her rumored relationships were with Big Bang’s G-Dragon and BTS’s V. 

What's Jennie Kim's Sexuality? Is she gay or straight.
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V and Jennie were spotted having romantic moments, but the YG Entertainment and BTS management team kept saying these were rumors. 

However, Jennie had one public and confirmed relationship with EXO’s Kai. The duo broke up after the news of their relationship spread. 

Jennie Kim Parents

Jennie is a beloved child of her parents. Although YG Entertainment didn’t reveal much information about her parents, here is some legit information. 

Jennie’s Mother 

It’s unknown what Jennie Kim’s mother’s real name is; she is widely known as Mrs Kim. She uses her husband’s surname instead of her father’s.

She didn’t open up about her birth date or family members. Mrs Kim is a rich woman who is a shareholder and the CJ & M Director. Per reports, she is a millionaire. 

Jennie’s Father

The singer’s father is Mr Kim. He belongs to a wealthy family in Korea and owns a hospital. According to verified sources, Jennie’s Father is also a millionaire. 

Jennie Kim Siblings

Some think Jennie has siblings, at least a sister. But the truth is, her parents didn’t take another baby after welcoming her to the family.

A few people also believe that Jisoo Kim and Jennie Kim are blood-related sisters, but that is a misconception. 

Final Words 

Jennie is about to hit Lisa’s number of followers on Instagram. Her fan base is growing, and more people are curious about her personal life.

Here is the unique and legit information about BLACKPINK member Jennie, her age, height, weight, sexuality, parents and siblings.

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