Jennie Kim Boyfriend 2022| Who's Jennie Presently Dating? 

Every BLINK wonders who their favorite BLACKPINK singer is dating; sadly, three members, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé, are successful at keeping their relationship status hidden. But luckily, we know who Jenny Kim’s boyfriend is in 2022. 

Who's Jennie Kim's boyfriend in 2022? Is she dating anyone?
Jennie Kim By ???????? Licensed Under CC BY 4.0

You will get surprised knowing she has dated global crushes V, Kai, and G-Dragon. So, who is Jennie presently dating among the three singers? The truths will shake you up. So sit tight and keep reading further. 

Jennie’s Most Prominent Boyfriend Was Kai from the Band EXO

Jennie is not only the most savage member of the BLACKPINK but is also the bravest. While most Kpop singers, including three other BLACKPINK members, are careful about not falling or showing their love publicly, Jennie did the opposite. She not only fell in love but also dated her boyfriends without any hesitation. 

Most of her relationship stories are rumors, but her affair with EXO’s Kai was an open relationship, which was later confirmed by SM Entertainment, the management corporation of Kai. The duo dated in 2018 and kept it a secret for some time.

Jennie's Most Prominent Boyfriend Was Kai from the Band EXO.
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However, Jennie and Kai were spotted dating

at several places and taking romantic pictures. After those images went viral, Kai confirmed having a relationship with Jennie Kim. Unfortunately, the two broke up soon after their relationship was declared. 

Jennie Kim’s Present Boyfriend in 2022

We are sure that Kai and Jennie were in a relationship for a short time but what about her other relationship stories? Are they real? Well, most probably not.

Jennie was rumored to have dated many famous men, including V from BTS and Big Bang’s G-Dragon. 

Jennie and G-Dragon 

The rumors say the couple Jennie and G-Dragon met quickly as both the singers work under the same company, YG Entertainment.

Stories about their dating began to swirl around the internet in February 2021. A year and two months later, people shared the news that the duo broke up in May 2022. 

Jennie and V

Jennie’s break-up news with G-Dragon primarily started after a picture of her and V went viral. The duo was caught on a paparazzi’s camera while driving to Jeju Island. V followed Jennie on Instagram in December 2021. 

Were Jennie Kim and V dating? Truth revealed.
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The evidence tells us they are having an affair. However, YG Entertainment revealed to the media that they couldn’t confirm such rumors about their artists.

So, we need to consider it a story until the couple pops up on your Facebook or Instagram while scrolling and guarantees to be in a relationship. So we can say Jennie is currently single. 

Final Words

BLACKPINK Jennie is on her way to gaining 70 million followers on Instagram. That means she owns the second-highest followers in the band. So, many fans equate it to immense speculation. 

According to Most speculations, she was involved with V from BTS, G-Dragon from Big Bang, and Kai from EXO. Her relationship with Kai was genuine, but neither G-Dragon nor V have confirmed having dated Jennie.

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