Jennifer Garner's Boyfriend 2022| Who is Jennifer Garner Dating?

The American actress and producer, Jennifer Garner, has a beautiful smile and some fantastic acting skills. But who is she dating?

Does Jennifer Garner' have Boyfriend? Is she dating anyone?
Jennifer Garner by Josh Jensen licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Since she entered the entertainment industry in 1995, her dating life showed that Garner is a strong believer in love and does not like to play around. In this blog, we will cover Jennifer’s love life since the time she entered the entertainment industry.   

A Brief Dating History:

As many celebrities as I have seen, Jennifer Garner has the shortest dating list. If she has dated anyone before entering the glamour world, then it is still not known. Garner’s first boyfriend was a not-so-famous co-star of hers, Scot Foley, who she started dating in 1998 after their first movie together called ‘Felicity.’

She chose to marry him after almost two years of dating in the year 2000. However, shortly after three years of marriage, they decided to split in 2003 and filed for divorce in early 2004.

Right after her divorce, Garner started dating another co-star of hers with whom she has worked on movies like Pearl Harbor (2001), and Daredevil (2003).

His name is Ben Affleck and the duo got married in 2005. Garner has three children with Ben and they had a long-term marriage of eleven years. They split and jointly filed for legal divorce in 2017. 

Who is Jennifer Garner Dating in 2022?

After her second divorce, Jennifer Garner started dating businessman John C. Miller in October 2018. The duo dated for almost two years before they decided to split in August 2020.

They were on a ‘break’ for almost eight months when again in May 2020 both Jen and John decided to give their relationship a second chance! In 2022, they are still going well and there are no new reports of breakup.

John said that after being in a relationship with Jennifer, he has been the happiest man in the world. The duo said to Us Weekly that they gave their relationship the most deserved second chance!

Who is John C. Miller?

John C. Miller is a wealthy and successful business person. He is the founder and CEO, and also the chairman of Cali Group which was founded in 2011. So, what is the Cali Group?

According to its website, Cali Group is a holding company that uses technology to transform retail businesses and restaurants.

Prior to this, John Miller was working in a pharmaceutical company where his responsibility was to determine the growth, sales, and formation of the company. John was married before and has two children with his ex-wife, Caroline Campbell. 

Final Thoughts

So, this was all about Garner’s dating life. After almost three years of dating, they are still not married. It’s most likely that Jennifer doesn’t want to repeat mistakes that she has learned from her past marriages.

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