Jennifer Lopez Boyfriend 2022 | Is She Still Dating Ben Affleck in 2022?

It is no question that Jennifer Lopez is one of the hottest female stars in Hollywood. In fact, J.Lo was once named “World’s Most Beautiful Woman” by People Magazine back in 2011.

Given her charm, it may come as no surprise to see her extensive dating history. Of course, it would be impossible to talk about Jennifer’s love life without mentioning her infamous relationship with actor Ben Affleck.

Jennifer Lopez Boyfriend and dating partner?
Jennifer Lopez by Firdaus Latif licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

They were declared by the media as “the power couple” and loved by many. The two of them even came close to tying the knot before their eventful split in 2004.

Needless to say, the world was devastated when the news broke out – but that was not the first time J.Lo had gone through a failed love affair that almost ended in marriage.

Pre-Affleck Era: Jennifer Lopez and Her Ex-Husbands

J.Lo’s first marriage was when she was only 28 years old, and it was with Cuban actor Ojani Noa. As you would have guessed by now, things did not work out between them, and they called it quits after just 11 months of living as husband and wife.

Three years later, Jennifer would go on to marry choreographer and actor Cris Judd. The two wed after just one month of being engaged.

While their marriage ceremony was held in secret, their divorce in 2002 certainly caught headlines as there were rumors of a third party – which is none other than Ben Affleck.

Affleck Era: J.Lo’s “The One That Got Away”

Despite the backlash that the duo received mainly due to the cheating rumors, Jennifer and Ben went on to enjoy each other’s company. J.Lo even went as far as describing her moments with Ben as “one of the happiest times of my life”.

They dated for a few months before Mr. Affleck popped the question, to which Jennifer responded with a “yes”. The then 33-year-old singer had always expressed her fondness to Affleck, saying that her relationship with him is unlike anything she’s had before.

And, indeed, unlike her previous relationships, Affleck and Lopez did not break-up due to issues in their romance. Instead, both parties have blamed unhealthy public pressure and criticisms from the media to be the culprits responsible for their split.

Post-Affleck Era: Jennifer Lopez and MORE Ex-Husbands

As tragic as the Affleck-Lopez split may sound, it seemed that J.Lo had no trouble moving on to the next partner. Just five months after her engagement with Ben was called off, she immediately exchanged vows with producer, singer-songwriter Marc Anthony.

J.Lo would end up spending four more years with Marc – the longest in her dating history by far – before she gave birth to twins. Unfortunately, Marc and Jennifer’s love story did not end happily ever after. Nearly a decade later, the couple got divorced and J.Lo was granted the primary custody of her twins.

While J.Lo was settling her divorce with Marc, she had begun dating Casper Smart, a former back-up dancer of hers. Their relationship lasted for three years without any talks of marriage nor engagement – a first in J.Lo’s dating profile.

Three years later, baseball player Alex Rodriguez would come into picture and spice up J.Lo’s love life. Together, they racked up around $750million in net worth (with $400million credited to J.Lo), making them one of the wealthiest celebrity couples in Hollywood.

The pair announced their engagement in 2019, but things went bland between the two last year in April and their engagement was ultimately cancelled.

Who is Jennifer Lopez’s Boyfriend Now?

Surely, many of you are curious as to the current status of J.Lo’s love life. But unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard rumors of one of J.Lo’s ex-lovers making an epic comeback.

Who is Jennifer Lopez’s Boyfriend Now? Let's know about Ben Affleck.
Ben Affleck by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The good news is, those are not mere rumors. The power couple of the early 2000s is back: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are officially dating again! They have decided to pick up where they left off and rekindle their love for each other.

This time, they’re doing things differently. They’re not letting any negativity get in the way of their romance. In an interview with People Magazine, Jen revealed that they are being more protective with their relationship:

“We’re older now, we’re smarter, we have more experience, we’re at different places in our lives, we have kids now, and we have to be very conscious of those things. We’re so protective because it is such a beautiful time for all of us,” Jen said. “It’s a beautiful love story that we got a second chance.”

Will Bennifer finally have its happily ever after? We sure hope it does. For now, we have no doubts that their comeback is the best thing that has happened to 2022 so far.

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