How Old and Tall is Jessie J? Her Parents, Siblings, and Net Worth in 2022

Time and time again, Jessie J has proven herself to be one of the greatest, most talented singers in the music industry. Her ability to effortlessly belt high notes like it’s a walk in a park is unlike anything we’ve seen before.

See Jessie J still so young like before. Any guess how old is she? Let's know about it.
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Moreover, she has sold over 3 million albums and 20 million singles worldwide, making her a true global sensation.

Indeed, a legendary artist such as Jessie J deserves all the recognition she gets. And if you’re curious to know more about her personal life, we’ve got you covered.

What is Jessie J’s Age?

Born on March 27, 1988, Jessica Ellen Cornish, or better known as Jessie J, is 34 years old. She may have had her big break as a musician at age 23 upon the release of Price Tag, but Jessie J has been singing ever since she was 11 years old.

She was a part of the West End musical Whistle Down the Wind, and it was then that she took her music career seriously.

Jessie has been very open about her journey to becoming a successful singer. Just like most artists, she did not have it easy right off the bat.

In fact, she was going from one label to another and even got signed in to be a part of a girl group called ‘Soul Deep’. Eventually, though, she did reach the top. Perhaps her first biggest achievement as an artist was having her songs sung by the likes of:

  • Miley Cyrus (Party in the USA)
  • Chris Brown (I Need This)
  • David Guetta (Repeat)

JJ’s story just goes to show that success will come to those who are diligent!

What is Jessie J’s Height?

According to Jessie J herself, she’s 5ft9 and “loves being a giant”. Some fans, however, don’t seem to agree with the number. They say that JJ is a few inches shorter than what she proclaims she is, with some guessing she’s 5ft7 at most, or 1.70m. 

Jessie J is a medium height singer. Let's know how tall is she?
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Regardless of what other people think, Jessie J remains adamant that she is, in fact, tall:

I don’t have a big bum, I don’t have big boobs, I’m not small or athletic looking, I’m very tall and very slim – and that’s who I am.”

Who Are Jessie J’s Siblings and Parents?

Jessie sure is lucky to have such a supportive family, although they do prefer to make their popstar family member feel loved and cared for privately. Her parents, Stephen and Rose Cornish, rarely step into the limelight.

They both are employed, with Stephen working as a social worker and Rose as a nursery school teacher. According to Jessie, she inherited her heart disease from her father as he is suffering from Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome.

Meanwhile, Jessie J has two older sisters, namely:

  • Hannah Cornish
  • Rachel Cornish

Jessie described her sisters as academically competent individuals, while she was sort of the black sheep of the family.

What is Jessie J’s Net Worth?

With millions of albums sold around the world and chart-topping hits under her name, Jessie J has made quite a fortune out of her extremely successful career. On top of that, Jessie has also earned millions of dollars from joining – and judging – prestigious singing competitions. 

Jessie J is pretty rich in 2022. |Let's know about her net worth.
Jessie J” by Justin Higuchi licensed under CC BY 2.0

According to one source, Jessie J was allegedly paid $25million to appear on a Chinese singing show called I Am a Singer. She became the first international competitor to win the show. Moreover, she was also paid $250,000 per season to be one of the four judges in The Voice UK

With all that in mind, Jessie J’s net worth is estimated to be around $30million. But as Jessie J said, “it’s not about the money”. 

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