Jessie J Boyfriend 2022 | Who’s Jessie J Dating in 2022?

It is no denying that Jessie J is one of the artists who defined mid-2010s music – and that’s no cheap achievement.

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Jessie J” by Justin Higuchi licensed under CC BY 2.0

In fact, many song lovers would agree that those were the golden years of modern music. To be considered as one of the most influential singers during that era would be an honor.

But even when those times are way behind us, many fans remain loyal to Jessie J until now. And with the release of her biggest single for the movie Pitch Perfect 2, many are wondering if Jessie has found her one true flashlight to get her through the night.

If you’re interested to know who is Jessie J’s current boyfriend, stay tuned!

Jessie J’s Dating History

It seems like a girl like Jessie J sure can’t settle for less when it comes to romantic partners. Her dating history is filled with men who have made a name for themselves in the industry they work for.

We’re talking about an award-winning Hollywood hunk actor, a dance instructor for A-list artists, and a professional R&B singer. Just see the list for yourselves:

  • Luke James (2014-2017)
  • Channing Tatum (2018-2020)
  • Max Pham Nguyen (2021)

Shortly after Jessie and Channing’s split, the Domino

singer shared a quote via Instagram which may give us a glimpse of what she is looking for in a relationship:

who's Jessie J's boyfriend, who's Jessie J's dating partner.
Jessie J” by Richard & Son Theater licensed under CC BY 2.0

Unhealthy love is when two people expect each other to solve the others’ problems. Healthy love is when two people acknowledge and address their own problems with each other’s support.”

Moreover, some of you may remember hearing news about Jessie J’s failed pregnancy. The question in many people’s minds is: who was the father? As it turns out, none of his ex-boyfriends were the baby’s daddy. Jessie made this revelation on her Instagram page:

I decided to have a baby on my own. Because it’s all I’ve ever wanted and life is short. To get pregnant was a miracle in itself and an experience I will never forget and I know I will have again.”

With this in mind, it’s safe to assume that Jessie J is ready to settle down and have a family with her special someone. All that’s left for her to do is find Mr. Right.

Is Jessie J Single or in a Relationship?

Is Jessie J single?, Jessie J love life details, Jessie J boyfriend in 2022.
Jessie J ” By Eva Rinaldi licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

So far, the singer has remained very silent and cryptic about her love life’s current status.

In a recent interview with Steven Bartlett on his podcast, Jessie admitted that she has only been truly in love ‘once’. Steven then asked her if she was referring to a recent relationship, to which Jessie responded with:

Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. Who knows?

While Jessie has yet to publicly confirm nor deny anything about her love life, there have been pictures floating around the internet showing Jessie J smooching with a man inside a Los Angeles restaurant. This man is identified as a professional basketball player named Chanan Colman.

It can be recalled that a few months earlier, Jessie J shared pictures of her posing next to Chanan during a holiday vacation in the Caribbean.

So, do you think Jessie J and Chanan Colman are dating? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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