How Old and Tall is Jimin from BTS? Who are His Parents and Siblings?

The passion that the BTS Army has for their idols is unlike what we’ve ever seen before. It’s as if once you become a fan, you’re inherently curious to know everything about the seven boys – from their shoe size to their favorite hobbies.

A close look at Jimin age, height, Parents and Siblings.
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Well, if you’re one of those fans we’re talking about and Jimin happens to be your bias, you’re in luck because today, we’ll be getting to know all about BTS Jimin, such as his age, height, parents and siblings. 

What is BTS Jimin’s Age?

Park Jimin, mononymously known simply as Jimin, was born on October 13, 1995 in a small, rural town in a South Korean city called Busan. That means that Jimin is currently 26 years old.

Indeed, Jimin has achieved so many incredible things at such a young age. However, it was not without blood, sweat, and tears (pun intended). At just 18 years old, Jimin underwent brutal training after having passed his audition for BigHit Entertainment.

It is no secret that KPOP idols need to go through rigorous vocal lessons, dance lessons, and all the other lessons necessary to shape the type of celebrity that would succeed in a very unforgiving industry such as KPOP.

Jimin trained for a total of six months before debuting with BTS, which is such a short period of time considering how other BTS members trained for 2-4 years.

That is partly the reason why BigHit Entertainment was reluctant to go through with Jimin, but they kept him anyways. Well, we can definitely say they made the right choice!

Fast forward to nine years later, Jimin, together with his BTS bandmates, has already accomplished the following:

  • Became the first BTS member to have his solo music video reach 100m views on YouTube
  • Nominated for Grammy’s Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for two consecutive years
  • He earned 1 billion streams across multiple streaming platforms with just five tracks released

What is BTS Jimin’s Height?

What is BTS Jimin’s Height? How tall is he?
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Sure, Jimin has reached incredible heights in his career, but does that also apply with his physical measurements? According to sources, Jimin is the shortest member of BTS, measuring at only 5’7’’ or 

Jimin has always been teased by other BTS members and fans about his height, with hundreds of memes created just to make fun of how short he is. Still, even if Jimin is 4ft tall or a ten footer, ARMYs still love him no matter what. 

Who are Park Jimin’s Parents and Siblings?

Most KPOP idols keep the identities of their loved ones and relatives private to protect them from the crazy world of media and die hard fans.

However, Jimin seems to be comfortable with having the names of his father and brother out in public. According to reports, Jimin’s dad is Park Hyun-Soo.

Who are Park Jimin’s Parents and Siblings? Let's know about them.
Jimin by Dispatch Licensed under CC BY 3.0

He is a businessman and owns a cafe called Magnate in Jimin’s hometown. Meanwhile, his younger brother is Park Ji-hyun.

Not a lot of details are known about his brother aside from the fact that he is 2 years younger than Jimin. As for the identity of Jimin’s mother, it has not yet been revealed to the public. 

When Jimin joined BigHit Entertainment to pursue his dreams of becoming a KPOP idol, his family has always been supportive since day one. In fact, they regularly kept in touch with Jimin to ask him about his trainings.

Knowing how Jimin has poor eating habits, his parents also urged him to eat properly. It’s nice to know that Jimin’s parents are so hands on and worried about their son’s well-being!

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