How Old and Tall is Jin from BTS? His Parents and Siblings Details

Unless you’ve been living under the rock, BTS has become a household name in recent years. Their rise to stardom was unlike anything the music industry had seen before.

They’ve got record-breaking music videos and songs, sold-out concert shows around the globe, and impressive awards across different domains such as music and social activism. 

Let's see Jin from BTS' age, height, parents and siblings details.
Jin By Dispatch licensed under CC BY 3.0

With their fame, each member gained individual recognition for their peculiarities and skills. As for Jin, he is known as the goofy and gorgeous hyung of the band.

His personality and skills earned him his very own fanbase outside of the group. If you’re interested in becoming a part of that, here’s everything you need to know about Jin!

What is BTS Jin’s Age?

As of the time of writing, Kim Seok-Jin from BTS is 29 years old. He was born on December 4, 1992. This means that he’ll be turning 30 this year – a first in his KPOP group.

While this milestone may not be such a big deal to others, it’s definitely not the case for Jin. This is especially since he has not been enlisted yet for the mandatory military service in South Korea.

For reference, all able-bodied men between the ages of 18 and 28

are legally obliged to serve for 2 years in the military. It was reported that the BTS members were given an extension for that rule.

But if Jin turns 30 this year without ever being enlisted for military service, this could raise many issues such as:

  • Giving the impression of “special treatment” to BTS, which may be unfair to some KPOP groups and idols;
  • Causing even more confusion about the exemptions and policies regarding the military enlistment of KPOP celebrities; and
  • The late military enlistment of Jin could bring catastrophic consequences to the commercial performance of BTS.

Surely, these problems do sound very alarming. But we hope that Jin’s 30th birthday will still be filled with love and happiness regardless!

What is BTS Jin’s Height?

As the oldest group member, Jin is often assumed to be the one who also measures the tallest. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

He’s actually one of the second tallest members of the group – just behind the band’s leader, RM. According to sources, Jin is 179cm or 5’10’’ tall. He shares the same height as V. 

What is BTS Jin’s Height? how tall is he?
Jin by Dispatch licensed under CC BY 3.0

Outside of BTS, Jin is also as tall as the following celebrities:

Who are BTS Jin’s Parents and Siblings?

Part of becoming a global sensation is having millions of fans scouring for every detail about your personal life, including the identities of your family.

That’s exactly what happened to Jin. Since he never publicly disclosed the names of his parents, the public decided to take matters into their own hands by coming up with rumors and theories about who Jin’s parents might be.

One such theory involved the CEO of Samsung, who shared the same last name as Jin. While that may not be true, many sources claim that Jin’s father owns a very successful company.

Who are BTS Jin’s Parents and Siblings? Let's know about them.
Jin by KOREA Dispatch licensed under CC BY 3.0

Still, it is unknown what type of business it belongs to. Meanwhile, rumor has it that Jin’s mother was a former winner of Miss Korea. This has not been confirmed by Jin, though.

As for Jin’s siblings, he apparently has an older brother named Kim Seok-Jung. The two brothers have remained in contact as they both run a restaurant called Ossu Seiromushi. It is a Japanese-inspired restaurant serving classic Japanese dishes. 

Have you tried eating at Jin’s restaurant? What was your experience like? Let us know by writing a comment below!

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