John Legend's Age, Height, Real Name, Kids, Parents, Siblings

With all the music stars in the genre of R&B, John Legend is the one who is highly recognized both in the locals and abroad. The gifted soul singer belongs to the best voices of American music.

The international superstardom has received numerous awards and collaborated with various artists.

A close look at John Legend's Age, Height, Real Name, Kids, Parents, Siblings.
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After his first single in 2005, the singer has released many songs one after another. All of them are heard around the world. 

But other than his songs, there is so much more that you would want to know about your favorite artists. Suppose you want to know John Legend’s age, height, real name, kids, parents, and siblings. Then, this is the right article for you. We will talk about all that today. 

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How Old is John Legend (Age):

The famous singer was born on December 28, 1978. As of today, he is 43 years of age. When he was only four years old, he already started playing the piano, and when he turned seven years old, she performed to the church as one of the choir.

How Tall is John Legend (Height):

The famous R&B singer is standing 5 feet and 8 inches tall. This is equivalent to 175 centimeters. Many people thought his wife, Chrissy Teigen,

was taller than him, but they were just the same height.

How Tall is John Legend? What's his height?
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But when she wears high heels, of course, the supermodel would look much taller than the renowned celebrity.

John Legend Real Name

We all know him as John Legend, but his real name is John Roger Stephens. According to the singer, his stage name was given to him by the musicians who worked with him in the studio. This includes his close friend, Kanye West.

How many kids does John Legend have?

The very famous singer and his wife are proud parents. They often show off their kids on their social media accounts. Their firstborn is a girl named Luna Simone Stephens.

The couple wants their child to grow as a loving, kind, smart, and confident woman. Luna is the replica of John Legend. She also has interests in piano and music. 

Their second-born is named Miles Theodore Stephens. The lovers announced in 2017 that they expect to have another baby. This time, it was a baby boy.

In 2022, John Legend’s wife announced that she was pregnant again, expecting the baby in the winter of 2021. However, the pregnancy has become tragic. They lost the baby. 

John Legend Parents

The soul singer is the son of Ronald and Phyllis Stephens. His parents were divorced, but they reconciled after 12 years.

However, the two split up again, and he married another woman.

His father is working at a factory in International Harvester. He is also an amateur drummer, whereas his mother was an award-winning quilt maker and seamstress.

Who are John Legend Parents? Let's know about them.
John Legend By Thatcher Hullerman Cook licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

She is also a singer in the church choir. As of the moment, his father owns a hot company named Pop Topz.

John Legend Siblings

Since you know who his parents are, you ought to know John Legend’s siblings too. Well, he has an older brother named Ronald Stephens II. Ronald was his sibling from the same parents. He was the first child of the family.

He also has a younger brother named Vaughn Anthony Stephens. Just like John, Vaugh is also an artist. He has equally great talent and voice. It would be hard to identify which voice is which when they sing together.

Finally, John Legend has a younger sister named Phyllis Missy Stephens. She is the only sister that the famous R&B singer got. He has always been sweet as an older brother to Phyllis.

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