Johnny Depp Girlfriend 2022| Who is Johnny Depp's Dating Partner?

Johnny Depp is one of the leading actors in Hollywood who started his journey in 1984. The heart-throb has been stealing and breaking many hearts with his charm and acting skills. He is not only a good actor but also a producer and singer by hobby.

As a result, his female fans have been keen on following his dating life. So, who could Johnny Depp be dating? You can find his dating history below.

Who's Johnny Depp's present Girlfriend? Let's see whether he's dating or single.
Johnny Depp by Saadick Dhansay licensed under CC BY 2.0

During his time in Hollywood, Johnny has been a romantic lover-boy and has appeared alongside many beautiful ladies throughout the years.  So, let us get to know who those lucky ladies were:

Johnny Depp’s Dating History

After he entered Hollywood, his first love was actress Jennifer Grey. Both used to be photographed by paparazzi while on many vacations back then.

Jennifer and Johnny were romantically involved in a relationship from 1987-1989. They were also rumored to be engaged, but unfortunately, they did not get married. 

After his breakup with Jennifer, one of his most controversial relationships to date started with Winona Ryder. The couple fell in love at first sight at a theatre in New York after which they started dating.

Just five months into dating, the duo got engaged in 1989 and remained so for four years before they broke up in 1993.

Johnny and Winona’s relationship was like a match made in heaven for their fans, but it did not work out for some reason.  

In 1994, the 31-year-old actor started dating 20-year-old Kate Moss. They were in a serious relationship with each other.

However, the duo never got engaged in the four years they were together and split up in 1998. Young Kate was very much devastated after the split and took some time to recover from it. 

Next comes Johnny Depp’s longest-running relationship of 14 years with the French singer, model, and actress, Vannessa Paradis. Although the duo first met in 1993 in Depp’s nightclub, they hooked up in 1998.

After a year of dating, they welcomed their firstborn in 1999 and a second child later on in 2002. The couple neither became engaged nor married in this long 14-year relationship. When things turned bitter, they ended their relationship in 2012. 

Who is Johnny Depp dating in 2022?

The 59-year-old actor is single now and is not dating anyone. The handsome actor has dated quite a few eligible bachelorettes in his younger days.

You can say his relationship status is ‘divorced’ rather than single. He recently divorced his second wife, Amber Heard, in 2017 after accusing her of physical and mental violence.

His first wife was an American makeup artist, Lori Allison, who he married when he was only 20 years old.

However, they divorced in 1987 after being married for four years. So, Depp is currently dating no one and focusing on his films and movies. 

Final Thoughts

So this article highlighted the dating life of one of the finest actors in Hollywood, Johnny Depp. No doubt, he can woo any girl with his charming looks and outstanding acting skills, even though he will reach the age of sixty in less than two years.

Therefore,  we hope that he will find better luck with love and marriage with another deserving woman in the future. 

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