Jungkook Girlfriend 2022 | Who’s Jungkook Presently Dating?

As the lead singer of the biggest KPOP group in the world, Jungkook’s dating life has become something that is strictly monitored both by fans and the media.

And although he is suspected to be contractually obligated to keep his relationships lowkey, it doesn’t stop some fans from investigating his love life.

Who's Jungkook Girlfriend and dating partner?
Jungkook By Snow Peach Licensed under CC BY 4.0

Some have even claimed that they have discovered who is the secret girl in the heartthrob’s life!

If you want to find out the rumored girlfriends of Jungkook, keep reading!

Is Jungkook Single or in a Relationship?

Jungkook has never publicly denied nor confirmed that he is in a relationship with someone. This could be due to the fact that the KPOP industry can be very unforgiving when it comes to idols having relationships.

Still, some believe that the singer is currently single due to the hectic schedule of the band, but some fans also think that he may be dating someone privately.

He has been linked to many girls throughout his career – some being random girls while others being A-list celebrities just like him.

Is Jungkook Single or in a Relationship? Let's know about his relationship timeline.
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Now that the band has taken a break, though, maybe the truth will finally come to light about Jungkook’s current relationship status. 

The Rumored Girlfriends of Jungkook

Even before his debut with BTS, Jungkook has been surrounded with many dating rumors. Check out the list below to see the names of all the girls who has been linked to JK:

  • Lisa from Blackpink
  • Nayeon from TWICE
  • Lee Mi-Jo (Jungkook’s tattoo artist)
  • Park Se-Won (Junkook’s former classmate)
  • Minji
  • Jung Chae-Yeon from DIA
  • Ko Seo-Hyun

None of the alleged love affairs above were ever confirmed by Jungkook or his entertainment company. He has, however, admitted to having a relationship before – and the story sounds something straight out of a romance novel.

Lisa is the Rumored Girlfriend of Jungkook.
Lisa by NewsInstar Licensed under CC BY 3.0

According to JK himself, he once dated a girl when he was very young. However, they never met each other for 200 days, and that made him decide to break up with her. He said:

This was when I was young, and it was like I was in a relationship but not really in a relationship. When we were young, we would hang out with each other as a joke and such. If you look at the kids in elementary school, we would just say let’s go out and be boyfriend and girlfriend, and I don’t really like dating and stuff. I don’t like hanging out either. So, it had been 200 days and I still hadn’t seen her or met up with her. So I said, ‘Let’s break up.’”

Who is Jungkook’s Crush?

Jungkook himself revealed that his ideal woman is someone who can cook, is smart, has smooth and beautiful legs, is kind, and can sing. Based on these descriptions, fans were quick to point out that he was basically talking about singer and actress IU.

In multiple occasions, Jungkook has gushed about IU and even admitted that she’s her ultimate crush. They have crossed paths before, and JK’s behavior around her makes it super obvious that he’s totally into her!

What are your thoughts about Jungkook’s rumored girlfriends? Would you support him if he started dating someone publicly? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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