Justin Timberlake Net Worth 2022 | His Salary, Houses, Income Sources

Justin Timberlake was already very successful during his N-SYNC days, so we can only assume that his fortune has doubled ever since he branched out as a solo performer and actor.

His hit songs, award-winning albums, and iconic movies are there to prove that he’s one of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry.

All you need to know about Justin Timberlake Net Worth, Salary, Houses, Income Sources.
Justin Timberlake by David Torcivia licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

So, how much has Justin Timberlake earned from his career? How much does he make? Does the singer/actor own any properties? And what are his sources of income? We’ll find out shortly.

What is JT’s Salary?

Just like every other celebrity, Justin Timberlake doesn’t have a fixed salary as his earnings depend on the gigs and projects he has. So, his annual income could vary every year.

However, it is estimated that Timberlake’s latest net worth is $57million according to Forbes. But another site claims that the figure is actually around $250million. This would make sense if you consider just how much he made from each tour throughout his career:

  • Justified and Stripped Tour (2003) – $45million
  • FutureSex/LoveSounds (2007) – $127.8million
  • Legends of the Summer Tour w/ Jay-Z (2013) – $75.3million
  • The 20/20 Experience World Tour (2014) – $232million
  • The Man of the Woods Tour (2018) – $226.3million

Now, that’s just for his concert shows – we haven’t even included the sales he made from his albums. Here’s a breakdown of how much Justin Timberlake’s albums made:

  • Justified (2002) – $10million
  • FutureSex/LoveSounds (2007) – $15million
  • The 20/20 Experience (2013) – $3.9million
  • Man of the Woods (2018) – $1.8million

Again, the millions of dollars made from his concerts and albums don’t go straight to Justin’s wallet. However, reports show that Justin Timberlake has earned around $100million from all of his shows combined. 

Meanwhile, Justin Timberlake’s movies have also raked in millions of dollars. For instance, the movie Friends With Benefits, which featured JT as the lead male character, made around $146million in the worldwide box office.

What's Justin Timberlake salary?
Justin Timberlake by Joe Shlabotnik licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Social Network made double the amount, at a whopping $224million in sales. But perhaps the biggest movie that Timberlake has ever featured in was Trolls, which made $343million.

Justin Timberlake’s Real Estate

For the past few years, Justin Timberlake and his wife Jessica Biel have been purchasing properties for both business and personal use. 

The first time they bought a house together was in 2010, and it was a penthouse in New York City. They allegedly paid $6.6million for the penthouse but sold it for a little less than the price they originally bought it for.

Seven years later, Jessica and Justin bought another penthouse for a whopping $20.2million. It eventually turned into a celebrity penthouse with big names such as Harry Styles, Ryan Reynolds, and Blake Lively owning units there. The couple then sold their units earlier this year for $29million.

How much money Justin Timberlake made from Real Estate?
Justin Timberlake by Antonio García Rodríguez licensed under CC BY 2.0

As of recently, Justin Timberlake bought a property in the high-profile Yellowstone Club in Montana where he plans to settle with his wife and family. He reportedly paid $300,000 in membership fee and is obligated to pay $30,000 every year to the club.

Where Does Justin Timberlake Get All His Money?

As we’ve mentioned before, Justin Timberlake dabbles in many industries such as acting, singing, and business.

That’s three sources of income for JT, which explains his multi-million dollar net worth. There’s no way to tell just how much Justin makes from his individual hustles. But, we’ve done the math and we came up with these estimates:

  • $162million from his entire singing career
  • $2million from his acting career
  • $9million from his real estate

There you have it, folks! Now you know just how rich Justin Timberlake is. If you’re interested to learn more about his personal life, we’ve got an article just for that!

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