Kai from EXO Girlfriend 2022| Who's Kai's Present Dating Partner? 

Who’s Kai presently dating? This is a burning question since he ended his most public relationship with Jennie from BLACKPINK. 

Jennie is the only representative of her group who dared to break the “Relationship Ban” rule and was romantically involved with Kai from EXO. The duo broke up just after a year of dating. So who is Kai from EXO’s girlfriend in 2022?

A close look at Kai from EXO's Girlfriend.
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Kai is presently single. His agency SM Entertainment hasn’t confirmed him dating anyone in 2022. Kai is currently busy and focusing more on producing big hits. In the past, he had two relationships, his first girlfriend was Krystal from X, and his second girlfriend was Jennie from BLACKPINK. 

So, is there any proof that Kai, aka Kim Jong-in, is dating his exes? Please stick with us till the end of the article to find out. 

Kai from EXO Girlfriend in 2022 

Kai is the most prominent singer in EXO. He currently has over 14 million followers on Instagram. The “Peaches” singer is single in 2022. After his breakup with BLACKPINK Jennie, he hasn’t confirmed dating anyone. Kai was previously engaged with Jennie from BLACKPINK and Krystal from X. 

Until now, these two relationships are Kai’s open relationships. He also might not be dating anyone secretly in 2022 because cameras are always looking for a chance to capture him with a female. Kai’s past relationships didn’t last long. 

Kai’s Relationship with Krystal

Krystal is a member of another SM Entertainment’s Kpop band named X. She joined her band earlier or after Kai. As both singers were under the same agency, they quickly became friends. Their friendship slowly turned into love, and their fans could guess that. 

Everything about Kai's Relationship with Krystal from X band.
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But Krystal and Kai stayed tight-lipped. There are close pictures of the two on the internet which doesn’t seem like the two were only friends. Besides, the duo used to go on dates and were captured together. SM Entertainment neither accepted nor denied the Kai-Krystal dating rumors. 

This assured the supporters that they were right about Krystal and Kai’s affair. The duo began to date openly in 2016 but couldn’t make it last longer than a year. Someday in 2017, they broke up and shared the reason for breaking up: they were busy with work, so it was impossible to continue the relationship. 

Kai’s Relationship with Jennie

Kai from EXO’s relationship with Backpack Jennie was the most highlighted relationship from 2018 to 2019. Because the fans of BLACKPINK already know that no one in this girl band is allowed to go on a date or have a boyfriend. 

Both Kai and Jennie tried their best to keep their affair a secret but couldn’t save themselves from the eagle-eye-like paparazzi cameras. Soon after they realized followers were now sure about their dating, the two didn’t hesitate to make it public. 

Kai's Relationship with Jennie's relationship timeline.
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Kai and Jennie posted their dating photos on Instagram, where they indirectly meant they are dating right now in Paris. Both took pictures before the Eiffel tower on the same day and uploaded them on their verified Instagram account. Jennie added the caption, “Had the most romantic dinner admiring the Eiffel tower.”

SM Entertainment, the agency of Kai, later confirmed their affair and notified the media about the couple’s breakup. The split someday in 2019. 

Final Words 

Kai from EXO has been under the spotlight since his debut. His melodious voice and energetic dance leave his fans vibing. Kai is pretty open regarding his romantic life. Hence, he didn’t hesitate to date his lovers publicly. 

Although he kept things private till people noticed didn’t deny the fact of dating. So we believe he is currently single as the “Monster” singer hasn’t been found with someone new after splitting up with Jennie. 

He may have never dated secretly and had two girlfriends Krystal from X and Jennie from BLACKPINK.

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