A Close Look At Kane Brown Wife, Katelyn Jae Brown?

Kane Brown is a country music singer who became famous after posting his songs and music videos on social media. Many people love his songs and keep on listening to them.

But it’s not just his music that his fans love. They also want to be his wife. However, the artist is already married. 

Who's Kane Brown Wife? Let's know about her.
Kane Brown by California National Guard licensed under CC BY 2.0

You are pretty curious as to whom is the country singer married to. In this post, let us take a close look at Kane Brown Wife, Katelyn Jae Brown. We will find out what she does for a living, how they met, and many more. 

Let us start by knowing the basic details about her. Read below.

Who Is Katelyn Jae Brown?

Kate Brown wife is also a singer and songwriter, just like her husband. She is currently 20 years old, which means she is two years older than the country singer.

Before she decided to earn a college degree, Katelyn recorded some of his songs entitled 24KT and Perfect. 

What Does She Do For A Living?

The wife of the singer loves having a business. She and her husband often talk about opening their publishing or label company. But she also has a creative side which is into singing and writing.

However, she claimed that she did not see herself performing again. If she eventually decides to get back to music, she will probably be writing or at the studio. 

In a magazine interview, she said she’d leave the performances to her husband. But if you are watching the music videos of the country star, you are probably aware that his wife sometimes appears on them, such as on Good as You and Weekend. 

How Did Kane Brown Met His Wife?

Before the official meeting of the two, the country music star was requested to appear in her music video. However, the star couldn’t because he had a show. They met for the first time after a year.

How Did Kane Brown Met His Wife Katelyn Jae Brown?
Kane Brown by Walt Disney Television licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

This was in 2016 when someone brought Jae to the singer’s show. During their first meeting, they did not talk. The singer was only admiring how adorable she was that night.

One year after they met, the singer proposed to her in 2017 and announced the news to the public after two days during his concert. He said the news on the homeland of his fiancé, in Philadelphia.

Can Kate Jae Brown Sing?

We already mentioned earlier that she is also a singer. She also appears in some music by her husband. The country singer had also said that she is his secret weapon, and he is only waiting for the perfect time to unleash him.

Can Kane Brown wife Kate Jae Brown Sing?
Kane Brown by California National Guard licensed under CC BY 2.0

This topic was opened up when he was asked about them having a duet together. The fans were excited about this since the song will be about their background.

It’s A Wrap!

After we have taken a close look at Kane Brown’s Wife, Katelyn Jae Brown, for sure, you also feel the mixed emotions, just like most of us do.

There is a feeling of joy for they have found each other and a little sadness because the country singer will never be our husband anymore. The next thing we can do is accept this.

But you also must admit that they look good together. We are all smitten by how adorable the family they built is, and we all want to have that for ourselves.

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