Who is Kecalf Cunningham? His Complete Biography

Kecalf Cunningham is an American rapper in Christian and hip-hop performer. Kecalf Cunningham is the son of late soulful singer Aretha Franklin.

In the Music world, Kecalf Cunningham is a sizeable popular musician and particularly in Hip-Hop. 

While he was leading a musician, he turned into a Rapper later on in his profession, the greatest of its kind.

Therefore, his proficiency was unique for the time, and with artiste performances, he has achieved an enormous fan base in America. 

In the meantime, many people admire whether Kecalf is also worked out to be a singer like his mother. 

Kecalf Cunningham and his superstar mother, Aretha Franklin, has given notable performance several times on the stage.

In addition, let’s find out Kecalf Cunningham’s detail. Here is a detailed history of his professional and personal life. Let’s start!

How Old Is Kecalf Cunningham (Age)?

Kecalf Cunningham was born in the United States on March 28, 1970. Presently He is now 51 years old. By birth, Kecalf is an American citizen.

He is of black ethnicity. In addition, Kecalf’s mother was a famous singer, so his grandparent was well known too. As per nationality, Kecalf is an American and is from the Afro-American ethnicity.

His birthday is on March 28, as his birthday is the Kecalf Cunningham zodiac sign AriseKecalf has no biological siblings, but from his mother’s side, he has three siblings.

Their name is Clarence Franklin, Edward Franklin, and Teddy Richards. However, he belongs to a family of artists!

How tall is Kecalf Cunningham (Height)? 

Kecalf Cunningham has a handsome height. He is 5 feet 11 inches tall. Kecalf 

has a decent height and weight that accommodates him pretty well. 

Kecalf Cunningham weighs nearly 58 kg (121 lbs). He has nonetheless and splendid warm black eyes and black locks. Kecalf body measurements are 36-28-34 inches.

He has a clear and powerful voice that expresses female followers in the United States and the music world.

Who Are The Parents Of Kecalf Cunningham? (Details On Parents)

Kecalf Cunningham’s father’s name is Ken Cunningham. He formerly worked for Kecalf as a plan manager. 

Kecalf’s mother, on March 25, 1945, Aretha Louise Franklin, was born in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. Besides, as for Kecalf’s parents’ love romance, the old-fashioned flames dated between 1968 and 1976.

Although they were in an affair for a long time, they never turned their relationship into marriage.

Promptly after their separating, Franklin joined Glynn Turman in 1978. However, their relationship also ended after six-year of a wedding in 1984.

Separated Aretha Franklin’s first marriage to Ted White was in 1969. She then began dating Ken.

Who is Kecalf Cunningham Wife?

The Christian rapper has been contributing a blissful married experience with his wife Kafi for a long-drawn time now. 

But, the couple, who has experienced and shared several years, is still considerably secret about their marriage.

They ought neither share their marriage date; they have posted everywhere on their social media.

Further, Kecalf Cunningham’s spouse Kafi is self-employed. She went to Baker College to study accounting and business.

How Many Kids Does Kecalf Cunningham Have?

Kecalf and his long-time spouse Kafi are the satisfied parents of three kids. The abiding couple has two daughters, Victoria and Grace Franklin. 

Both of them served the same high school, Bloomfield Hills High School. There, Victoria also performed basketball.

Moreover, they have another child, a son named Jordan was born in October 1994. Like Kecalf’s endless love for music, it also followed all of his kids in their father’s footsteps.

Currently, his older daughter Victoria studies at Howard University. She is a singer and artist. She had also experienced several stage credits with her late grandmother. 

What Is His Profession?

Kecalf Cunningham is an American most successful rapper and hip-hop artist famously identified as the son of the late American singer, songwriter, and musician Aretha Franklin. 

In the Music world, Kecalf Cunningham is a gigantic famous musician and exceptionally in Hip-Hop. Although, he executed many times with his mother on the stage performing.

This singer seized the limelight after escorting with his mother in a Radio City Music Hall concert in 2008.

Similarly, in 2017, he performed again jointly with his mother at the telling of Aretha Franklin Way, a road renamed in her admirer.

Kecalf raps are tales of the bible and bestowing gospels. Moreover, his music is influenced by old-school rhythms with black and white videos integrated by a piano.

His distinctive voice of rapping makes him a more popular and best Rapper and Hip-Hop artist.


Therefore, Kecalf Cunningham as a music artist is rapping more fabulous. He inaugurated his music career as a Christian rapper, accompanying in his mother’s footsteps.

Kecalf’s maternal family belongs to the artist. American Rapper, Kecalf is the grandson of Willie Walker and Rachel Walker.

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