Keemstar Girlfriend 2022! Who Is Keemstar’s Dating Partner?

Daniel Keem, who is mostly known as Keemstar, is an infamous YouTuber due to his constant controversies and drama. He has more than 5.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

The Drama Alert host has found himself in the middle of many inconveniences on many occasions till date.

Does Keemstar have any Girlfriend? Let's see her.
Keemstar by Freedom! licensed under CC BY 3.0

This time, he has come into the discussion because of his current relationship status. He has also been criticized for supporting Donald Trump during elections.

Though he always remains the talk of the town for his negative activities, he has a huge fan base who likes his boldness! Look at the details here on how he responded about his current relationship! 


Though Keem himself hasn’t disclosed the identity of his girlfriend publicly and hasn’t introduced her, he posted a couple of pictures of them.

Curious fans have made it happen to find out who he is dating nowadays. In 2022, Keemstar is dating a young woman named Christine Youngman.

She is from Austin, Texas originally and currently resides in Buffalo, New York. On the question of their first meet, according to Keemstar, he met Christine at a fan meet-up where she came to visit with one of her friends.

As Keem hasn’t given any complete idea about his girlfriend’s lifestyle, fans depend on her Instagram details.

Things that Christine does for a living aren’t clear to the media as there is no information about this on her Instagram profile.

But KEEM posted a video clip on Twitter where he said that his girlfriend does her job. But he didn’t reveal her profession either.

But as always, Keem has been ‘talk of the town’ again, for his relationship this time! Christine, Keem’s girlfriend, is only 20 years old, which means she is 19 years younger than Keem.

This has caught the attention of everyone on the internet and dragged Keem again into the pool of controversies. People are wondering about his date as he has a teenage daughter named Mia.

He is being judged everywhere, like his fellow YouTuber Trisha claimed that he had manipulated a 20-year-old girl. Her logic behind this was, a 20-year-old girl doesn’t have a properly developed mind.

She also stated that young women only date men of Keem’s age only for money, power, fame, or other issues.

To give back his girlfriend and to face this insult off, Keemstar posted a picture of Christine on Instagram where he mentioned Trisha as ‘Mad’, ‘Psycho’ and ‘Jellybean’!

He also told them that he was never going to let Trisha sit in his car! Just the announcement has led him to so much controversy; who knows what’s next!


The woman whose picture Keem posted seems to be Christine Youngman. Though Keem hasn’t talked about her details, her Instagram account says she has more than two thousand followers.

And as Keem has said, Christine wasn’t acquainted with him or his fame as a YouTuber when they first met. But as usual, ever since he has made a statement about his relationship, he has been in controversy again because of the age gap between him and his girlfriend.

Trisha, a fellow YouTuber, has made this an issue and talked about it. She even brought her incidents as examples and said that she got into relationships like this one with a huge age gap when Trisha was younger.

At that time, she had issues with her father. Whatever Keem is dating a beautiful girl with a height of 5 ‘10 “, and she seems to be older than her age, as critics say.

Even another YouTuber Ethan Klein has opined on the relationship of Keemstar. Ethan calls him a ‘hypocrite’ and his current relationship a ‘creepy’ one. But he seems to be very protective about his relationship.

He stated that his girlfriend is not a gold digger neither she has a family issue. Moreover, she has a great relationship with her family.

But things in Keem’s relationship don’t seem to be okay. Not even a month after declaring his relationship public, Keem tweeted on Twitter stating ‘Nothing is forever’ and ‘things like this happen.’

He also claims that breakup becomes good news for himself after a breakup; he receives applications from females to be his girlfriend.

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