Kelly Clarkson Boyfriend 2022| Who is Kelly Clarkson Dating?

We know Kelly Clarkson very well. Don’t we? She is an American singer, songwriter, and TV personality.

We often heard her songs, including her debut single entitled A Moment Like This. And other than her booming career, we have also looked out for the happenings in her personal life. 

Who's Kelly Clarkson Boyfriend and dating partner? is she single or dating anyone?
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We knew that her marriage with Brandon Blackstock had ended, and things didn’t turn out quite well. But after the divorce, you are, of course, interested to know Kelly Clarkson’s boyfriend 2022. 

Discover who is the legendary singer dating after getting divorced. 

Who Is Kelly Clarkson Dating?

The singer is currently single. She has even said that she will remain single forever. In one interview with Kevin Hart, the international superstardom that no lovely relationship has been an example to her as she grows up.

Her own dad was not even present in the singer’s life. She does not grow up with her father. In fact, Kelly does not know his father at all. 

After the divorce battle that she and her ex-husband are facing, the show host seems to not be reading dating anyone again. The singer told her fans that she could not see herself tying vows with anyone again. 

Is Kelly Clarkson Dating?

It has been over a year already since

Kelly Clarkson got divorced from her ex-husband. The divorce proceedings have become ugly.

Is Kelly Clarkson Dating? Who's her dating partner?
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Both of them filed lawsuits suing each other due to the disagreements of custody over their children as well as their property. 

But after all that, the singer still does not regret anything about her love life. According to her, it has shaped her that is why she is what she is today.

But when asked about dating anyone again, she said she would not date unless the divorce was finalized. The television personality is taking time to deal with the huge transition in her life. 

We cannot blame the respected celebrity if she does not want to be in a relationship anymore. Although the divorce is what she and her ex-husband think to be the right thing for their family, the emotional process has been difficult for her. 

Kelly Clarkson New Boyfriend 

Although the singer has said multiple times that she is not ready to date again, many are still insisting that she has a mystery boyfriend.

Who's Kelly Clarkson New Boyfriend? Is she dating anyone?
brett eldredge by Walt Disney Television licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Some are curious if Brett Eldredge

is Kelly Clarkson’s boyfriend in 2022. But no, the two have a duet named Under the Mistletoe, but there is no more to it. They also perform together on The Voice, and the fans have seen their chemistry. 

It’s A Wrap!

Indeed, the prominent artist is stronger. She has been open about the happenings in her love life after the testy divorce with Brandon Blackstock.

But with regards to Kelly Clarkson boyfriend 2022, nothing has ever come out, which means that the singer hasn’t dated just yet again. 

We’ll never know when she will be ready to date again. Keep in touch with us to keep updated. 

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