A Close Look At Kevin Samuels Degrees And Educational Background

Kevin Samuels is a famous YouTuber from the United States. He is also a social media influencer, dating expert, image consultant, and life coach.

The public figure is also notarized as a motivational speaker. He also helps companies and people to move in the right direction.

What;s Kevin Samuels Degrees And Educational Background?
Kevin Samuels by Kevin Samuels licensed under CC BY 3.0

The personality is also very stylish. He rose to fame for his advice and commentaries on people, particularly the women of the Black community. Since he is a significant influencer who has impacted many lives, people are interested in his educational background.

Others want to know to assess his credentials as well as his reliability as an expert. Regardless of your purpose in learning more about the artist, you are welcome here. Come along as we closely examine Kevin Samuels degrees and educational background.

Kevin Samuels Degree

The social media influencer went to the University of Oklahoma after graduating high school. This is a prestigious university from which he earned a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering.

Kevin Samuels Educational Background

Although the YouTube star was born in Atlanta, his family moved to Oklahoma and resided there after his parents split.

This is where he studied and finished his secondary education at Millwood High School. Since high school, fashion has been a part of his lifestyle. He has been fond of dressing well ever since then.

After graduating high school, he went to the University of Oklahoma and earned a degree in Chemical Engineering. Later on, he was able to work as a consultant and business manager for various companies before he pursued a career as a public influencer.

Kevin Samuels Highest Qualification

He had also worked in the chemical industry. The YouTube star had also been a part of Office Depot. This is where he worked as the development manager for over three years. He was one of the company’s valuable assets since he drew in many clients while he was the manager.

In 2009, he also joined a media group called Supermedia. This is where he worked in Advertisement and as an internet sales agent.

With this job, he could use his skills on people, significantly improving their branding. In 2013, he also worked with a marketing and advertisement firm named The Real Yellow Pages.

He began his journey on YouTube later in 2016. But his channel was created on May 20, 2015. Ever since then, he has become a megastar on the platform. The star likes giving opinions on a lot of things such as social events or issues, brands, fragrances, and dressing sense.

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We are done having a close look at Kevin Samuels degrees and educational background. Although there is so much more to the public figure than what we have included in this post, we will wrap it here.

As much as we would like to feed you more information, we do not want to take so much of your time. Nonetheless, we are thankful that you have been with us until the end of this post.

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