Kid Cudi Girlfriend 2022| Who is Kid Cudi Dating in 2022

Kid Cudi is one of the most promising celebrities today. Then and now, we have witnessed how he marked the world of hip-hop.

His songs were undoubtedly amazing; some of these were written according to his life experiences- anxiety, depression, and addiction- probably a lot of us can relate! There’s more about him other than these things, and what’s more interesting is his love life. 

Who's Kid Cudi's present girlfriend and dating partner?
Kid Cudi by Chief Fashionista licensed under CC BY 2.0

We know you’re curious about who’s Kid Cudi girlfriend or who’s Kid Cudi dating right now; you’re in the right place because we will tell you all that as you delve further into this article.

Anyway, let’s also have a glimpse of his dating history and past relationships, and many more things that we’re sure you’re interested in. So without further ado, let’s dig into the life of this prominent American rapper.

Who is Kid Cudi’s girlfriend?

Perhaps, this is good news to those who are head over heels in love with this 38-year-old American rapper; we can’t name Kid Cudi girlfriend because he is currently single.

The thing is that this multi-talented musician remains to be very discrete when it comes to his love life.

Here’s some dating fact: Many couples want to have an exclusive relationship right after around six to eight dates.

Who knows? Kid Cudi may be dating someone right now. Whether or not Kid Cudi is dating, we don’t know yet. So, if you know anything about his current relationship status or Kid Cudi dating updates, you’re very much welcome to share this excellent news. Who would not be excited?

Who is meant for Kid Cudi?

If we talk about who’s meant for someone, we may refer to his star sign. So let us tell you this, ladies! Kid Cudi is an Aquarius, and an Aquarian is said to be compatible with these air signs: Gemini and Libra.

This zodiac sign is usually interested in good conversations and is usually curious and intellectual. So if we link this to Kid Cudi, he will most likely have a non-stop chat with a Gemini, or a Libra will easily catch his attention.

If you belong to one of these signs, maybe you are the one he is waiting for. Now, let’s look at his past relationships to know more about his type!

Kid Cudi’s dating history and past relationships

Kid Cudi is not that vocal about his girlfriends and partners, much more breakups. However, he’s been into more than five (5) relationships known to us in the past years.

In 2014, he was linked with a 36-year-old American actress and model, Michelle Trachtenberg. In 2013, he dated celebrity stylist Mariel Haenn and American film and television actress Stella Maeve.

From 2010 to 2012, he was with entertainment lawyer Jamie Baratta. Also, he has been in a relationship with American actress Amanda Bynes last 2010.

Come to imagine these amazing girls Kid Cudi has dated and had a relationship with. Yet, it was not known whether he was previously engaged. He has no children too.

Kid Cudi’s bio

This popular rapper and songwriter was born on January 30, 1984, and his real name is “Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi.” He’s also known as an actor and record producer.

In 2008, he was highly recognized after releasing his debut mixtape “A Kid Named Cudi.” His net worth increased each year; it’s fantastic to know that Kid Cudi’s current net worth is $16 million.

Anyway, do note that not everything is disclosed online; so if we talk about his net worth, as well as his income and salary, we just talk about the estimates, so it may vary.

It’s A Wrap!

Right now, we can’t name Kid Cudi girlfriend, and we even can’t tell Kid Cudi’s dating status. The question, however, is that given Kid Cudi’s successes, how come he’s not yet in a relationship?

Or maybe, he is, but we just don’t know. Right? He is indeed a private person, and we guess we love him for that. Hopefully, this 2022, Kid Cudi will have a special someone or at least introduce the love of his life.

Then again, if you have some latest tips about Kid Cudi and his relationship, contact us!

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