Kwame Brown Net Worth 2022: Income Sources, Wealth, Earning

An American basketball player named Kwame Brown who’s a net worth of $4-8 million. While his twelve years of NBA career, he performed for seven teams.

Kwame Brown was a skilled basketball player in high school life. In 2001, Brown began his NBA career, accompanying the Washington Wizards.

Let's have a close look at Kwame Brown's net worth, income sources, wealth and earning.
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He endorsed a four-year agreement with the Wizards for $17,286,153. Succeeding in 2013, Kwame Brown completed his twelve years NBA career performing for the Philadelphia 76 years.

Furthermore, when he plays basketball, people say he cannot play basketball. At last, Kwame Brown showed that he is the most skilled basketball player.

However, Kwame Brown’s net worth is around $4-8 Million. Suppose you want to know more about Kwame Brown and Kwame Brown’s net worth, please go through my article.

Full NameKwame Brown
Real Name Kwame Hasani Brown
Birth Date 10 March 1987
ProfessionBasketball player
Relationship StatusMarried
Net Worth$4-8Million

Kwame Brown Early Life and Career

In 1982, on March 10, Kwame Brown was born in Charleston, South Carolina. Kwame Brown is a nickname. His real name is Kwame Hasani Brown. But he is popular as a Kwame Brown in the world.

In childhood, Kwame Brown belonged to a low-income family and had a hard time. During his High School, Kwame started playing basketball, and he was the best player in the school.

Though, Kwame Brown, when he started his career, played for different basketball clubs. The clubs were the Wizards, the Memphis Grizzlies, the LA Lakers, and Philadelphia.

How much does Kwame Brown make?

Though after playing for seven teams, Kwame Brown formed a total salary of $64,277,908. Moreover, he required multi-million within advertisement deals. But, Brown has spent a lot of destiny because of his economic crisis.

However, Kwame Brown’s recent yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily Income is —

  • Yearly Salary: $1 million
  • Monthly Salary: $83k
  • Weekly Salary: $19,230
  • Daily Salary: $2,739
  • Per Hour Salary: $114   


How does it make from Endorsements?

Kwame Brown received $35 million from endorsement deals, comprising taxes. He made a $55 million commitment with Adidas. Also, Kwame brought sponsorship for several teams.  

What happened to Kwame Brown?

It arrested Kwame Brown several times. He has managed his life through many financial difficulties. As a brief description, we mentioned that,

In 2007, Kwame Brown was arrested for hindering an inquiry. Hence, he was accused of and charged for throwing a cake at a man. 

In a 2018 lawsuit, Kwame insisted that his financial expert stole $17.4 million from his expense portfolio. Therefore, he spent an enormous amount of money on this incident. In March 2019, Georgia State Police arrested Kwame Brown again.

Conforming to the state police, Brown was transferring marijuana products. Therefore, Kwame had to spend a lot of destiny to clear him out.

Real Estate & Car Collection

According to the source, Kwame Brown has listed his super-sized Del Ray house for $2.975 million. It is a 6,329 square feet house ad feature with —

  • City and Marina square
  • Four Bedrooms
  • Five Bathrooms

However, Brown purchased this estate for $3,375,000 in 2005. Talking about car collecting, Kwame Brown owns —

  •  A Comfortable Black Lincoln Car
  • A mayoral model SUV
  • A Cadillac Escala.

Kwame Brown Net Worth: $4-8Million

Let’s have a glance at the, updated Kwame Brown Net Worth Income Salary report, which is given below:

Kwame Brown’s Salary / Income:

Annual Salary: 2.819 million USD(2013).

Income Source: Basketball, Endorsement.


Kwame Brown is an acknowledged Basketball player. While he starts his job, later he combines the basketball clubs. Brown started his career at Florida University and showed the Basketball match. Kwame Brown was a stunning basket player in his NBA career.

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